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Want Endless Etsy Tutorials?

Birch Please Endless Etsy Tutorials

You Need the Birch Please Membership

Looking for a brand new Etsy mini course (or in-depth webinar) every month? If you want to grow your shop by putting new strategies to work in your shop, this is the place!

Birch Please is where ALL my tips live — You can see EVERYTHING in one easy-to-search, well organized place. But premium members get even more: I add a mini-course (or webinar!) every month. Here’s what you get with a Birch Please Membership:

  • One brand new Etsy course each month
  • A live Q+A with an Etsy coach once per month
  • 1x shop critique video from an Etsy coach each month
  • Access to the ENTIRE Birch Please premium course vault (binge ‘em all!)

Want an Etsy System that Just *WORKS*?

Fuzzy and Birch Etsy Coaching Options

Then You’re Looking for The Etsy Success Tribe

Want to be in a group of other Etsy sellers who spend each month doing ONE BIG Etsy task?

Each monthly task is NECESSARY for an Etsy shop to make sales — and we do them with you, checking your work along the way!

Oh, and here’s a big fat bonus: our monthly tasks require just AN HOUR OR TWO of work every MONTH.

Not an hour or two every day — I said every month! So you can definitely keep up with your Etsy shop and watch your sales build (and begin to snowball) a bit more every month.

Want Power Seller Coaching Customized for You?

Fuzzy and Birch Etsy Coaching Options

Get Top Performer Coaching with Power Seller

Get support with WEEKLY business-breakthrough coaching designed to build your online sales.

(You read that right — WEEKLY COACHING. If you want to make progress, you need weekly check-ins and a very real person looking at your ideas each week).

We coach for RESULTS. Our coaching is designed completely from scratch to give you ONLY what you need, with no extra distractions, bullshit advice, or mindless tasks to complete.


✔ Break through your sales ceiling.
✔ Create the revenue GROWTH you wanted all along.
✔ Stop wandering aimlessly — get UNSTUCK instead.
✔ UNLOCK your business potential and create what you need WHEN you need it.