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Can somebody just tell me how to get serious about Etsy, step by step??

Are you OVER emails, online courses, and webinars that TEASE major Etsy success…but in the end, all they deliver is total marketing FLUFF??

Yeah, that’s some bullshit.

So instead of telling you all about the Subscriber Tribe, (my complete Etsy success program that takes you from NOTHING to 5-and-6 figure sales), I’m just gonna show you.

Because fluff ISN’T FREAKING cute when it comes to your Etsy shop.

What’s it Like Inside the Subscriber Tribe?

Watch ⇣ this video ⇣ to see exactly what you can expect as a Tribe Member.

If you’re ready to stop playing house when it comes to your Etsy shop…

If your crafts deserve to be a big-girl pants BUSINESS that supports you and your family…

If you’re sick of shitty bosses and cog-in-the machine jobs…

And if you’re ready to create your own schedule and be the CEO…

Then it’s time to stop screwing around.

Ready for the REAL TRUTH about Etsy?

If you want to work 4 hours a day, choose your own schedule, and make money while you sleep…there’s NO shortcut. (And anyone who tells you otherwise is trying to rip you off).

If I tell you the tricks that have literally made me 6 figures, would you commit to doing them, for REAL?

I don’t mean reading them and thinking “Oh that’s a good idea. I’ll get to it eventually”.

I mean dropping everything in your life and realizing this business could be EVERYTHING to you and your family. I mean committing to several hours of work each week, even when you don’t see an immediate difference. (Some tactics take MONTHS to work).

But I CAN teach you exactly how to make it happen… WITHOUT working 90 hours a week…or searching the internet for half-baked success tactics…or spending YEARS trying to make your shop work when one or two simple changes would cause a FLOOD of profit.

Are you the person who’s capable of putting in the SWEAT and TEARS that will get you there?

Is that you? Are you entrepreneur material?

Tons of people write me about ⇡ that rant ⇡ .

And they always say the same thing: “I am totally entrepreneur material! BUT…” and they have some excuse for not being able to pull the trigger RIGHT NOW.

The fact is, there will ALWAYS be something standing between you and success.

When I started my Etsy business, I was severely agoraphobic, having panic attacks every 5 minutes, and NOT functioning as a normal human being. Everyday things like travel, driving, and grocery shopping were impossible for me.

And do you know what? I started my business ANYWAY. Everything was 20 steps harder for me because of my panic disorder, but I climbed that mountain. And it was worth it.

If you’re not ready to overcome the obstacles in front of you, then you’re NOT ready to be an entrepreneur. #sorryNOTsorry.

So it’s decision time: are you ready to be BRAVE?

Because the truth is not pretty: Statistically speaking, if you’re not ready to pull the trigger right now, you will NEVER do it.

If you’re READY to change your future
RIGHT NOW, then…

This is the year - Etsy Academy

When people ask me how I managed to leave my (torture-device of a) day job to work for myself, there are always a few memories that flash through my mind.

I think about how it felt to double my salary in six months, or how satisfying it is to know that if your boss says one more shitty thing to you today, you can WALK AWAY without a second thought. #DontNeedYourMoney

Other times, I crack a smile because there’s nothing better than making your own schedule. Feel like sleeping past 11am today? Want cocktails at 3pm on a Tuesday? Need a couple days off to Netflix and chill? Cool, sounds good to me.

BUT most of all, I remember what it felt like to be trapped in a job I didn’t want, with a boss who hated me a little more each day.

Every morning I woke up to the crushing weight of DISSAPOINTMENT.
Dammit, I have to go to work today.

Sound familiar?

It's time to become your own boss

What does it feel like to be the CEO?

Etsy Academy
ready to be the ceo Etsy Academy
Working for someone else Sucks - Etsy Academy

You are not a cog in the machine

Ready to leave your day job in the dust with the
all-in-one Etsy Success Program?