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The Ultimate Guide to Etsy - Side Effects Include: Monthly income you can trust, a well-organized business, and total clarity on where you should spend your time and money. Click to get started now!

The Ultimate Guide to Selling on Etsy

This intense, 15,000+ word article that takes you through ALL THE THINGS you need to create your own paydays. This guide is so intense, has its own table of contents!

Side Effects Include: Monthly income you can trust, a well-organized business, and total clarity on where you should spend your time and money.

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There is a formula for Etsy Success. And if you actually COMMIT to COMPLETING all the steps, this email program WILL boost your shop a little more every day! Click to get started!
Imagine this: Your Etsy shop is getting HUNDREDS of hits per day via Pinterest, and the people who click through are EXCITED about your product. They’re ready to buy. Some studies are beginning to show that people are willing to pay MORE for items found on Pinterest than any other social network…So you’re sitting pretty. Click to learn how to do it!
Etsy SEO Horror Stories - When it comes to Etsy SEO, some of the simplest mistakes are like a bad curse and can’t be undone! Learn how to avoid creating your worst Etsy nightmares! What makes these 3 stories so scary is how easy it is to make the same mistakes because they all seem like strategies that would help your shop grow. Which means there’s a pretty good chance you could be making one of them right now and not even realize it! Click to read more!
What You Need to Know About Etsy SEO in 2019 -What the actual #%^$ is going on with Etsy SEO in 2019?? Wanna find out what you need to know and what you DEFINITELY shouldn't be doing this year? Read this article for all the latest on what you SHOULD and SHOULDN'T be doing with your Etsy shop in 2019! Click to find out more.
Etsy SEO Bootcamp - Creative people love to overlook logistical things. I’m talking about all those little things that will “get done eventually”. And it’s the technical bits that we tend to leave for last…”I’ll do it when I absolutely need it” — that’s the excuse I usually hear. Well guess what: You NEED SEO. Every day you wait, you’re losing sales and customers. Now and forever, SEO is literally the ONLY way for Etsy to figure out what you’re selling. And if Etsy doesn’t understand your shop, they’ll never show it to a single customer. (Neither will Google, for that matter!)


Boost your Etsy Sales - STUCK AF is exactly what’s going on with today’s seller. She has a 2% conversion rate. (Check, win!) ✔️ She’s got products that customers love, that sell consistently (Check #2!) ✔️✔️ And she can NOT get her views up for ANYTHING (whomp whomp  ) ❌ So what can you do when everything is WORKING, but the one thing you need to tie it all together is MISSING? You could watch today’s video, and see my TOP THREE tips for creating more views in any Etsy shop. Ready to get started?
An Etsy Seller Reacts to the New Marmalead: Hey guess what? Almost EVERY Etsy Shop is selling seasonal items. What does that mean? When you sell seasonal items, you get the majority of your sales during a CERTAIN time of year. And the rest of the time?? *CRICKETS* (and an empty bank account). It's actually NOT your fault, you just happen to be selling something that might not sell this time of year. While it might feel like you’re going insane… The reality is that customers probably aren’t gonna buy a blanket, or a mug, or something that’s designed for COLD weather when it’s 90 degrees out. Click to learn what YOU can do to fix a seasonal lull!
How to make consistent sales on Etsy: for today’s Six Minute Makeover, I’m going to show you why NARROWING your shit down can actually quadruple your sales. Yes, I said QUADRUPLE. Believe it or not, most Etsy shops that aren’t making consistent sales have NO idea who their target audience is. Which actually creates a big fat clog smack in the middle of your profit…because when you try to sell to EVERYONE, you’re compromising what you do to make a LARGE group happy. By trying to make something that appeals to everyone, you can really only get a “meh” level of excitement out of people. But when you HONE IN on certain types of customers, who want certain things, you can literally create EXACTLY what they’re looking for. And your products will suddenly become IRRESISTABLE. Wanna see how big sellers make this work (to the tune of 10k+ sales?) Watch this video to find out!
In this 6-minute Etsy makeover, we’re talking: More traffic from ALL kinds of searches, exposure across Etsy to NEW and different categories, PLUS a simple strategy that will keep you ranking STRONG, even when Etsy changes everything…click to watch it!
The Best Ways to Promote Your Etsy Shop in 2018 INSTEAD of shelling out hard-earned cash for a couple extra sales here and there…Let’s just put on our “this is bullshit” cap for a minute and evaluate ALL your best options for promoting your Etsy goodies. Watch to learn NEW ways to promote that don't cost a thing.
In today's six minute makeover, I look at a successful shop with over 4000 sales. What could an Etsy seller with over 4000 sales possibly be struggling with? This seller approached me with a major PROBLEM-O. She USED to make $1800+ per month…but suddenly everything took a turn! Can we fix it?? Watch to find out.


Sometimes when you're in a creative field (like selling your items on Etsy) not everyone sees your vision. So how can you handle haters in your Etsy business? In this article, I talk about how I've been bullied in my business and what YOU can do to protect yourself.
Use blogging to triple your Etsy income: What’s the Difference Between… Blogging vs. Selling on Etsy? If your goals include: Working FEWER hours Being able to work from anywhere on the planet (with wifi) Doing something more intellectually stimulating than packing boxes Creating an income “safely net” Eventually being able to FREE yourself from Etsy entirely… Then blogging is YOUR JAM. Learn how to launch a blog for your Etsy shop in a week.
Etsy shop email list: amazing tool or epic fail, doomed to never work?? In this article, I'll show you why almost ALL Etsy shop email lists fail misreably, and what YOU can do to be in that top 5% who KILL IT with email. Wanna know the best part? If you can make an Etsy shop email list work, you'll NEVER need to worry about where your traffic is coming from again! That's because YOU'LL have all the control! So bring on the algorithm changes, Etsy! Click to learn how you can grow your Etsy email list.
Facebook Ads for your Etsy Shop -- worth it or not? Learn what it takes to make Facebook ads ACTUALLY work for Etsy...and see whether it's worth your time or not!
Have you ever lost an afternoon seething because someone sent you a bad review on Etsy? You were just walking along, minding your own business…and BAM. A shitty human being came up and slapped you in the face with some BULLSHIT covered bullshit with bullshit filling. WTF??? This is the reality of working online, and unfortunately, I can 100% guarantee this scenario will happen to you. Even if your items are flawless.
Why You Need to Raise Your Etsy Prices -- I've failed a LOT in my 6-figure business over the last year. But my most RECENT failure??? Not charging what I’m ACTUALLY WORTH. You might be guilty of this too – there’s always this nagging voice in the back of your head saying, “my time is worth MORE than this”. How can you know FOR SURE if you’re not charging enough?? Find out in this article. Click to read!


The second you started selling online, this weird thing you’d never heard of before suddenly became the center of your life. It’s called SEO and you’re not even 100% sure what it stands for. All you know is that you have to SEO the hell out of everything. You have no idea how to actually do that. So you’ve just copied other sellers, or aimlessly read articles that didn’t actually explain anything…they just told you to do something so you did it. Click to learn how to transform your Etsy SEO in 15 minutes.
The one thing all top Etsy Sellers do that no one talks about - My job is a little weird. As an Etsy Business Coach, I basically listen to super talented people tell me all the reasons they can’t manage to make money. And the #1 complaint I hear all the time? “Why the HELL is everyone and their mother making a million sales on Etsy, and I’ve got NOTHING??? My product is better, my photographs are awesome, my SEO is perfect! What the F*CK gives???” -- find out what you need to do to shift that frustration into SALES. Click to read.
Find Etsy Tags that Sell - Alright. Raise your hand if you have no freakin’ clue what SEO is or how to use it. Today we're going to to find the perfect Etsy tags for your shop!
Make 6-figure sales on Etsy: Lately, I’ve noticed a trend among my fellow Etsy sellers. When they aren’t making sales at the high five or six figure level, they’re positive that something’s WRONG. These sellers think they’re missing some magic piece of the puzzle… or they’re wondering if their item just isn’t capable of driving serious sales. And most of them say they’re one bad day away from throwing in the towel. But the reality is this: you don’t just open an online store and making 6 figures (or even FIVE figures). If selling online were that easy, EVERYONE would be doing it! Learn what it REALLY takes!
Ready to create a regular, consistent routine that you can repeat like clockwork? Learn how an editorial calendar can help you cut your Etsy to-do's in HALF...all while growing your traffic and sales on autopilot! Click to learn how.
Why I Curse on My Blog: And How it Got Me the Best Readers Ever
As far as google thinks, I’m the first blogger to publish an income report specifically for my Etsy shop. And believe me: I’m scared shitless about it. It’s creepy to share your finances online. It pretty much violates every financial commandment handed down to me by my (stereotypically Jewish) parents…but I promise you, I have a higher purpose: I’m sick of giving advice about Etsy success when you can’t visibly see how that advice is working for me. Click to see how I did this month!
Should I start an Etsy Shop? - Is it worth your time to start an Etsy shop this year? What if you already have an Etsy shop? There are millions of sellers on Etsy...so are there enough buyers to go around? In this article, we’ll talk about what it’s like to have tons of competition. You’ll see what it takes to kick ass, no matter HOW busy an online space is! Click to read.


Sometimes customers ask questions. And sometimes they ask the exact SAME F*CKING QUESTIONS over and over again until you're pretty sure that rabid octopus goats definitely exist and you are actually living in the matrix. Let's reduce the insanity factor, shall we? Click to find out how.
Etsy Tasks - The whole Internet is busy telling you to ADD SHIT to your to-do list right now. Let’s just raise a big fat middle finger to that. Because you don’t have time to add MORE to your life. If anything, we all need a hell of a lot LESS. Last year, I decided to simplify my business. My motto became “Keep it Simple, Stupid”…and I did a HUGE business purge. I got rid of EVERYTHING that wasn’t making serious dollar signs. And to my complete and utter shock, my bank account didn’t die a flaming death. My business didn’t come crashing down, and my life didn’t spontaneously combust. HUH?? Instead, when I decided to CUT THE FAT out of my biz, I actually created the most PROFITABLE year I’ve ever had. Learn how to make it happen for YOUR biz in this article! Click to read.
When a website has a large following like Etsy, you will run into a few oddballs. Let's talk about exactly what you're in for, and how to come out on top. Click to find out more.
Grow Your Etsy Mailing List: Do you hate your mailing list? Do you wonder how the hell other shops manage to grow a list when you have four piddly subscribers? Click here to build your email list.
Have you recently started selling on Etsy? Do you feel like you have the word ‘NOOB’ written all over your face? And somehow everyone can see it but you??? Don’t worry. Every single last person on Etsy was once a brand new seller. SO…I’m going to hand down some tidbits of truth that you can actually use. Click to read more!
Will going viral on Etsy cause you to spontaneously combust into an epic ball of rich and famous? See what really happens. Click to read.
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