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Six Minute Makeovers

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Reading long blog articles is hard. #firstworldproblems. If you want Etsy Success tactics on FAST FORWARD, try Six Minute Makeovers and get NO FLUFF Etsy tips in these short videos:

Boost your Etsy Sales - STUCK AF is exactly what’s going on with today’s seller. She has a 2% conversion rate. (Check, win!) ✔️ She’s got products that customers love, that sell consistently (Check #2!) ✔️✔️ And she can NOT get her views up for ANYTHING (whomp whomp  ) ❌ So what can you do when everything is WORKING, but the one thing you need to tie it all together is MISSING? You could watch today’s video, and see my TOP THREE tips for creating more views in any Etsy shop. Ready to get started?
An Etsy Seller Reacts to the New Marmalead: Hey guess what? Almost EVERY Etsy Shop is selling seasonal items. What does that mean? When you sell seasonal items, you get the majority of your sales during a CERTAIN time of year. And the rest of the time?? *CRICKETS* (and an empty bank account). It's actually NOT your fault, you just happen to be selling something that might not sell this time of year. While it might feel like you’re going insane… The reality is that customers probably aren’t gonna buy a blanket, or a mug, or something that’s designed for COLD weather when it’s 90 degrees out. Click to learn what YOU can do to fix a seasonal lull!
How to make consistent sales on Etsy: for today’s Six Minute Makeover, I’m going to show you why NARROWING your shit down can actually quadruple your sales. Yes, I said QUADRUPLE. Believe it or not, most Etsy shops that aren’t making consistent sales have NO idea who their target audience is. Which actually creates a big fat clog smack in the middle of your profit…because when you try to sell to EVERYONE, you’re compromising what you do to make a LARGE group happy. By trying to make something that appeals to everyone, you can really only get a “meh” level of excitement out of people. But when you HONE IN on certain types of customers, who want certain things, you can literally create EXACTLY what they’re looking for. And your products will suddenly become IRRESISTABLE. Wanna see how big sellers make this work (to the tune of 10k+ sales?) Watch this video to find out!
In this 6-minute Etsy makeover, we’re talking: More traffic from ALL kinds of searches, exposure across Etsy to NEW and different categories, PLUS a simple strategy that will keep you ranking STRONG, even when Etsy changes everything…click to watch it!
The Best Ways to Promote Your Etsy Shop in 2018 INSTEAD of shelling out hard-earned cash for a couple extra sales here and there…Let’s just put on our “this is bullshit” cap for a minute and evaluate ALL your best options for promoting your Etsy goodies. Watch to learn NEW ways to promote that don't cost a thing.
In today's six minute makeover, I look at a successful shop with over 4000 sales. What could an Etsy seller with over 4000 sales possibly be struggling with? This seller approached me with a major PROBLEM-O. She USED to make $1800+ per month…but suddenly everything took a turn! Can we fix it?? Watch to find out.

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