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Six Minute Makeovers

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Reading long blog articles is hard. #firstworldproblems. If you want Etsy Success tactics on FAST FORWARD, try Six Minute Makeovers and get NO FLUFF Etsy tips in these short videos:

Boost your Etsy Sales - STUCK AF is exactly what’s going on with today’s seller. She has a 2% conversion rate. (Check, win!) ✔️ She’s got products that customers love, that sell consistently (Check #2!) ✔️✔️ And she can NOT get her views up for ANYTHING (whomp whomp  ) ❌ So what can you do when everything is WORKING, but the one thing you need to tie it all together is MISSING? You could watch today’s video, and see my TOP THREE tips for creating more views in any Etsy shop. Ready to get started?
An Etsy Seller Reacts to the New Marmalead: Hey guess what? Almost EVERY Etsy Shop is selling seasonal items. What does that mean? When you sell seasonal items, you get the majority of your sales during a CERTAIN time of year. And the rest of the time?? *CRICKETS* (and an empty bank account). It's actually NOT your fault, you just happen to be selling something that might not sell this time of year. While it might feel like you’re going insane… The reality is that customers probably aren’t gonna buy a blanket, or a mug, or something that’s designed for COLD weather when it’s 90 degrees out. Click to learn what YOU can do to fix a seasonal lull!
How to make consistent sales on Etsy: for today’s Six Minute Makeover, I’m going to show you why NARROWING your shit down can actually quadruple your sales. Yes, I said QUADRUPLE. Believe it or not, most Etsy shops that aren’t making consistent sales have NO idea who their target audience is. Which actually creates a big fat clog smack in the middle of your profit…because when you try to sell to EVERYONE, you’re compromising what you do to make a LARGE group happy. By trying to make something that appeals to everyone, you can really only get a “meh” level of excitement out of people. But when you HONE IN on certain types of customers, who want certain things, you can literally create EXACTLY what they’re looking for. And your products will suddenly become IRRESISTABLE. Wanna see how big sellers make this work (to the tune of 10k+ sales?) Watch this video to find out!
In this 6-minute Etsy makeover, we’re talking: More traffic from ALL kinds of searches, exposure across Etsy to NEW and different categories, PLUS a simple strategy that will keep you ranking STRONG, even when Etsy changes everything…click to watch it!
The Best Ways to Promote Your Etsy Shop in 2019 INSTEAD of shelling out hard-earned cash for a couple extra sales here and there…Let’s just put on our “this is bullshit” cap for a minute and evaluate ALL your best options for promoting your Etsy goodies. Watch to learn NEW ways to promote that don't cost a thing.
I keep selling one item on Etsy over and over. What gives? This week’s seller has one item that’s going absolutely NUTS in her shop. Meanwhile, her other items (which are pretty friggin’ remarkable by the way…) are just sitting there. And she’s OVER IT. How can you make sure your WHOLE shop sells?? Watch to find out.
If everybody who FAVORITED your items on Etsy actually bought, how would your life be different? I’m pretty sure you’d be sitting under a palm tree drinking something bright and moderately alcoholic out of a coconut right now. And we’d all be rich af, your problems wouldn’t exist anymore, pigs would fly, and unicorns would be a real thing. So, here’s a big hairy ball of gross REALITY… Literally NO ONE turns ALL of their favorites into sales. Short of me going on a rant about conversion rate, buyer retention, and shopper psychology, let’s just say this: the world doesn’t work that way. Don’t expect to make everyone buy from you, because that’s never going to happen. BUT can you turn MORE of your favorites into sales? Ah, NOW we’re getting somewhere! Wanna turn your Etsy favorites into sales? Click here to learn how.
Should you open a second shop on Etsy? Click to watch and find out! How do you know when it's time to open a second shop on Etsy? What should you sell in your new shop, and how do you make sure customers are buying from both your shops?
Th real reason you're not making sales on Etsy - If selling on Etsy is frustrating you, and a lack of sales feels like a problem that’s too big to solve, that’s your inner pessimist talking. You have ALL THE TOOLS you need to find and fix the exact shit that’s preventing you from making sales. And it costs literally $0 to use them. And I promise you that your brain only has to critically think for about 5 minutes to make it happen. So if you’re feeling hopeless, or like Etsy just plain “doesn’t work” anymore...I’m gonna show you how to prove yourself wrong. Click to watch this video.
Your Etsy Shop Needs More Items - Recently, one of my Etsy coaching clients came to me because she wants to add more items to her shop. But she doesn’t wanna throw a bunch of crap up and hope for the best. She wants to do it STRATEGICALLY, based on RESEARCH...and not waste a single minute of her time making products that WON’T SELL. Because if you’re gonna add more products, you might as well do it RIGHT. Are you blindly guessing what customers want? Here’s how you know for SURE that your new products will SELL. Click here to watch now!
Why Customers Aren't Finding Your Items on Etsy: Whenever Etsy sellers go out of their way to get in touch with me, it’s literally ALWAYS about SEO. Whether it’s lackluster traffic, or choosing the right tags…pretty much EVERY Etsy seller thinks TRAFFIC is the magic pill that will change everything. But for today’s Six Minute makeover, I heard from that rare butterfly of a seller…someone who understands SEO just fine, and went WAY too far the other direction. When you’re selling on a platform that isn’t massive (like Etsy), MUCH simpler rules apply! Ready to see what I’m talking about? Learn why customers can’t find your items on Etsy, even if you’re an SEO mastermind. Watch now!
What You Must Have to Make Sales on Etsy: Most new sellers decide they’re just gonna “dip a toe” in the water on Etsy, and see if it “works”. That usually means throwing up a handful of products, and waiting for sales to land in your lap. But I’ve got news for you Buttercup, it’s NOT Etsy’s job to send you sales. That’s YOUR JOB. And just like that time you were home alone and a giant spider came sauntering into the room… There AIN’T NO ONE here to help you but YOU! So all those things you’re doing to just “dip your toe” in the water?? They’re actually HURTING you. Wanna see if you’re committing the classic newbie sins? Read more here!
In today's six minute makeover, I look at a successful shop with over 4000 sales. What could an Etsy seller with over 4000 sales possibly be struggling with? This seller approached me with a major PROBLEM-O. She USED to make $1800+ per month…but suddenly everything took a turn! Can we fix it?? Watch to find out.
What if my Items Aren't Popular on Etsy? In today’s SIX MINUTE MAKEOVER, our seller is gonna learn how to take ANY shop (yes, I said ANY shop!) and add the RIGHT items…you know, ones that boost sales, increase views, and help you grow faster. …And we’re talking year round, kids! I’ll show you how to find what’s trending, and create things that sell over and over again. Then, after the video, I’ll show you how to TRANSCEND the trend, and find items that sell all the time, no matter what’s on trend right now. (In fact, you don’t ever need to give a shit about trends again, if you want!) Ready to dive in? Click here to get it all!
I keep selling one item on Etsy over and over. What gives? This week’s seller has one item that’s going absolutely NUTS in her shop. Meanwhile, her other items (which are pretty friggin’ remarkable by the way…) are just sitting there. And she’s OVER IT. How can you make sure your WHOLE shop sells?? Watch to find out.