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To Etsy and Beyond Podcast - Fuzzy and Birch Etsy Podcast

Want access to the methods I use to make $25k each month with my creative business?

Meet “To Etsy and Beyond” – a podcast about exactly that ⇡

Listen to find out what I’m doing…and learn how YOU can level up in less than 20 minutes each week…

Because you’re busy and I know it!  (That’s why I keep episodes short and PACKED full of easy steps you can try RIGHT NOW) 😁🤩

If you could save JUST 8 hours a month chasing your tail on Etsy — (You know what I’m talking about: those hours you’re currently using to keep up with Etsy trends, updates, and changes…)

That’s 12 entire friggin’ DAYS you can devote to family + extra vacation this year instead!!

You’ll learn to make simple changes today that boost your income tomorrow – what you do with your Etsy shop now directly predicts your revenue in 3-6 months.

Wanna Try Some FREE Episodes??

Etsy Photo Tricks that Sell - To Etsy and Beyond Podcast Episode

Once you actually figure out HOW to take good photos (um, can you say *difficult*), then you have to make sure you have the RIGHT photos…Because as you may have noticed, the product photo competition on Etsy is FIERCE. This podcast will show you how to make it easy!

The Worst Review I Ever Got - To Etsy and Beyond Podcast Episode

In today’s podcast, I wanted to share the WORST review I ever got…and how it actually drove me to THERAPY. (Yes, really). You’ll learn what bad reviews *really* mean, and how you can address them so they don’t send you running for the therapist’s office too!

Etsy Disasters You Can Fix - To Etsy and Beyond Podcast Episode

These Etsy Disasters will literally block your sales, send customers running for the hills, and clog up your entire business. We’re talking about MONSTER mistakes (that are *super duper common*)…Learn what you need to do NOW in order to sell more LATER!

What Can it Do for Me?

Get Inspiration that PUSHES You to Boost Your Etsy Sales *FASTER*

I’ve interviewed about A ZILLION Etsy sellers — and they always tell me the same thing: it’s hard to MOTIVATE yourself to actually *get shit DONE* each month.

The podcast will inspire you to skip over that whole OVERTHINKING phase…and instead you’ll UNDERSTAND what steps are worth doing. You’ll feel inspired and ready to make it happen!

You can listen to lots of episodes and create yourself a custom STRATEGY, or just make changes as you go! There’s no RIGHT way to start making more profit!

How long does it take the average person to open an Etsy shop?

Why Agonize? Get Going NOW

Here’s Why the Podcast is the best choice for your shop:

Bottom Line – Cheaper Etsy Help = BIGGER PROFITS

Keep Etsy costs low to grow faster

Costs Matter…A LOT!

There’s no getting around it: the LESS you SPEND on your Etsy shop, the more PROFIT you can take home.

Every business *desperately wants* a LEAN start-up budget. The podcast is designed to support YOUR Etsy sales each step of the way, and it’s a wallet-friendly $11 per month.

You can use the podcast to learn your way around Etsy…if you do ONE small thing each week for your shop, you’ll be raking in MORE money faster!

Worried about staying up-to-date with Etsy?

Trends and updates are a thing. They kind of suck. You have to do all this research to find them, and quite frankly, that’s THE WORST.

On our podcast, I’ll review the latest trends/updates FOR you. You can sit back while I do the work (and dive down rabbit holes of *absurd* hipster crazy).

I’ll let you know what new products, colors, and quirky artifacts are worth adding to your shop based on that whole thing called “science”…

Let me read all those boring retail reports, quarterly economic gobbledygook, and alarmist stock market articles FOR you.

I promise to report back in soaked in plenty of sarcasm, and with simple instructions even a 5-year-old can follow.

Wait, Etsy just did WHAT??!?

If you’ve read TOO MANY scary articles about Etsy shutting someone down for no reason, then you’re probably HESITATING to open an Etsy shop…because, um… *SCARY*!! 😱😱😱

I’ll tell you about the latest Etsy changes in PLAIN ENGLISH. Oh and *gasp* — I’ll also tell you what to do about them!

STOP losing sleep over that thing Etsy just did.

Sit back, relax, and think of this podcast as your own PERSONAL Etsy advisor…without the hours of research, without a high price tag, and without the pain-in-the-ass factor of getting shut down for no reason!

Wondering What Other Sellers Are Doing?

Learn better by example? I’ll be critiquing Etsy shops each month, audio style!

I’ll walk you through the problems other shop owners have so you can AVOID the bullshit. Keep yourself from tripping and falling into the land of no Etsy sales at all whatsoever.

During makeovers, I’ll share stories of sellers I work with…we’ll cover the problems they had in their shop, and what we did to FIX it.

Yup, you heard me right: I won’t just tell what PROBLEMS to look for, I’ll tell you how to FIX THEM.

You’re here for RESULTS. Consider me your own personal cheerleader.

Want MORE than just Etsy?

Wanna talk REAL BUSINESS…like how I increased my income to $320k last year (an increase of over 177%)?

Wanna listen to me roll out of bed and walk through my entire routine? Wanna be a fly on the wall while I show you how to make scary decisions, create profit as if from nowhere, and get serious about passive income?

I got started on Etsy… But I ALSO run a popular blog, have a youtube channel that’s growing by over 1000 subscribers each month, and I run a membership program that paid off my entire mortgage.

And trust me, I can’t shut up about any of it. (Just ask my husband). So if you wanna do the same thing, subscribe to follow along….And I’ll show you how I run my business each month!

why subscribe - to Etsy and beyond podcast
Podcast Testimonials
Podcast Testimonials
Podcast Testimonials
Podcast Testimonials

How Much Does it Cost?

I’ll always offer one podcast per month completely free — so ANYONE can listen.

But if you want these EXTRA goodies:

  • Quarterly Trend Reports

  • The Latest Etsy Changes

  • Audio Six-Minute Makeovers

  • Get FOCUSED Challenges you can try at home

  • MORE than just Etsy (Blogging, YouTube, & more)

  • And the chance to ask questions I’ll answer on air…

Then it costs $11 per month.

For this price, you’ll get access to EVERY SINGLE podcast I make each month…(between 4 and 6, depending on what’s up in the Etsy world!)

Oh, and you have free reign to ASK questions (because I WILL be turning YOUR questions into podcasts and audio makeovers!)