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A big part of my business is being completely transparent with you. I love to share my strategies, tricks, and setup with other sellers. And more than anything, I love to watch you SUCCEED 🙂

Since I basically giveaway the goods at no (or low) cost, I am happy for you to apply my strategies in your own shop (or on your blog). Please note, any “recycling” or re-use of my content and strategies in any published format (aka blog, video, podcast, anything) is a violation of copyright law and my legal team WILL come after you.

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In plain English: if you steal my content in any way, my legal team WILL come after you. We regularly search for copies of all my content. You will be caught, and we will take immediate action. We will not be nice about it.

I’ve put in thousands of hours to share my content so you can use it to succeed. And if you decide to use it for your own gain, I won’t hesitate to sue.

So, thank you for understanding, and being considerate! Sorry for the brief unpleasantness, but I have to protect myself so I can keep bringing you awesome content 🙂

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