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Etsy Tools That Aren’t a Total Waste of Your Time

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Selling on Etsy doesn’t have to be some spammy, nebulous thing that you don’t enjoy…There are FUN, non-intrusive ways to promote your products.

…And get the sales you deserve.

That’s what this page of Etsy Tools  is all about.

Making MAD sales is about MORE than just traffic and product management (although all that is still covered below ⇣)

Selling on Etsy is ALSO about growing your REVENUE, adding more income streams, and AUTOMATING those minimum-wage level tasks that are a WASTE of your creative brainpower.

Below, you’ll be greeted with a list of EVERY ETSY TOOL  that we specifically recommend.

We SKIPPED all the bullshit tools that don’t DO anything, or that promise you a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow (there’s no such thing, so stop believing people who promise it!)

That means if you DON’T see it on this page, it’s probably NOT worth your time!

Etsy Tools

Automate Your Etsy Shop Customer Service

Good customer service is about so much more than just dealing with those “let me speak to the manager” types…

Having positive interactions with the people in your convos is critical to getting repeat business, rave reviews, and word-of-mouth referrals!

This is an especially great place to invest if you’re struggling to keep those new messages in check…

Or if you have custom orders options that need to be managed…

OR (and this one is my favorite): if you just HATE having to paste a smile on your face while you “play nice”. 😤 😤 😤


Automate Your Etsy Shop SEO and Traffic

A whopping 93% of online experiences start with a search engine — and 75% of internet users never scroll past the first page!!

But remember — search engines aren’t just sites like Google or Yahoo…

Social media sites like Pinterest and even Etsy’s own platform have built-in search engines that can help you get discovered…

That is, if your SEO is done right!

SEO is **THE** most misunderstood aspect of running an Etsy shop — so if you want to stand apart from the rest, concentrating on your SEO is the way to go!


Social Media Management

If you tried to figure out how to get ACTUAL sales from social media, you probably fell down MORE THAN A FEW internet rabbit holes.

The content you post, the hashtags you use, the days and times that you share, the comments you respond to, AHHHH 😱😱😱…

Every last detail means something, and those details translate into your shop’s visibility and sales.

Without a solid command of social media, your success could come and go all at the whim of an algorithm (in fact, as an Etsy coach, I see this CONSTANTLY).

If tons of your traffic comes from social media, HOWEVER, you won’t be affected by Etsy or Google algorithm changes…

In fact, you’ll have a tool that allows you to LOOK DOWN on all those silly Etsy sellers losing traffic…And laugh MANIACALLY 😆😆😈


Automate Your Etsy Shop’s Creation & Development

We all know by now that new adding items to your Etsy shop is basically REQUIRED for consistent sales.

But when you don’t have TIME to add new listings…AND you have new items in the corner that need to be photographed…AND you’re out of ideas for new items…

Or if you’re in my boat, and you just CAN’T get yourself to add another listing (there’s so much else to do!!)…

Then get someone on that task STAT. You can hire people to just upload listings for you!

You can also get listings photographed all at once, or have someone write your description, tags, and titles!

Whatever it is about products that’s BUGGING YOU, there’s someone out there who LOVES doing the exact task you hate ⇣ ⇣ ⇣


Print on Demand Management

Thought that introducing print on demand to your business would be all the automation you need??

Yeah, a lot of people make that mistake!!

But if you’re uploading new designs constantly, messing with custom orders, making last minute changes, and messaging your Print on Demand supplier…

Well, that doesn’t sound very simple, DOES IT??

Hiring an expert to help with print on demand management will get you from “warmer” to “hot!” when it comes to finding that freedom you’re looking for.

And if print on demand isn’t already a part of your business, bringing someone on to guide you through the process is like FINDING PURE GOLD.

If you can set up Print on Demand correct from the start, it will give you the biggest boost in automation out of ANYTHING I’ve shared on this list!!


Automate Your Etsy Shop Strategy and Growth

Step away from that dusty stack of business books!

There’s only so much usable advice you can find reading books, articles, and watching videos…

Here’s an internet industry SECRET: 99% of articles are written for BEGINNERS.

That’s because beginners are MORE common, so beginner content = MORE TRAFFIC.

Yup, it’s true kids.

So if you need advice that goes BEYOND the generic beginner stuff…

You need to chat with an ACTUAL human who can give you CUSTOM advice. 

With the help of a strategy and growth expert, you can get laser-focused on your business goals.

What does LASER FOCUS and a clear plan do for you??

It saves you time, money, and prevents those costly mistakes!!


Accounting and Money Management

For most Etsy sellers, this is where the STAKES get SERIOUS.

Financial mistakes are the most terrifying AND most debilitating on this list.

If your day job or past job was in accounting, you might not need to automate this (but if you started an Etsy biz to get AWAY from that job, then you may want to).

For everyone else, I would ask you to REALLY think twice before trying to tackle all your financial needs all by yourself…

Most of us are like “BUT what if an accountant steals all my money??”

We’ve heard that story a ZILLION times — you hire an accountant then two years later, you’re penniless and your accountant is in Hawaii.

But as someone with THREE employees plugged into my finances, I can tell you from experience:

This is an OLD problem that barely exists anymore.

Modern technology really protects small businesses, and it’s easy to give someone access to your finances with NO money moving privileges.

These days, as long as you never give your accountant access to move money (via paypal, your bank, stripe, etc) — then they literally CAN’T get into any trouble.

Remember: financial miscalculations can literally cost you your business.

Having someone there to tell you what made you the MOST $$ last month, and what you’re LOSING money on = intense clarity.

This kind of financial clarity leads to SUPER FAST, strategic DOLLA DOLLA BILLS.

If you’re confused about finances, then it should be the FIRST thing you automate!


Everything Else

Sometimes, you don’t KNOW what you need. And that’s where “everything else” comes in.

These are my favorite “nice-to-have” items…From software that connects all your OTHER software together, to people who can just get it done, no matter WHAT it is…

All that is waiting for you right here 😊 See what you never knew was out there ⇣


Sometimes You Might Not Know What You Need…

Being indecisive is my middle name. I feel you.

If you know your workday feels CRINGE-Y AF… but you don’t know why…

Then don’t worry, my indecisive soul sister! I have you covered.

Because I always struggle with decisions, I figured you might want a *PERSONAL GUIDE* to automating YOUR shop (because your shop also comes with YOUR specific problems — not everyone else’s’!)

That’s why I asked my right-hand man, Chris, to offer up CUSTOMIZED shop automation sessions 😊

You can get a step-by-step plan created just for YOU right down there ⇣