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All Clogged Up?

Fix it with the Self Critique Challenge.
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to begin auditing your Etsy shop now!

I’m going to be completely honest with you: I’ve given 1000s of Etsy shop critiques in my time as a blogger.

I used to give people the EXACT blueprint needed to create full-time income in mere months, but you know what happened?

1 out of 100 people would actually DO something about it.

So before I hand you the very blueprint I used to CHANGE my life forever, let me ask you this:

If I told you the tricks that have literally made me 6 figures, would you commit to doing them, for REAL?

And I DON’T mean reading them and thinking “oh that’s a good idea. I’ll get to it eventually”.

I mean dropping everything in your life and realizing this business could be EVERYTHING to you and your family.

I mean actually committing to several hours of work each day, even when you don’t see an immediate difference. You already know how to sell on Etsy, but it’s time to take things to the next level.

Because that’s the REAL TRUTH about what it takes to sell BIG on Etsy — you gotta #staystubborn. (Some tactics take MONTHS to work).

If that’s you, and you’ve read this far, then you’ve earned a place in the free Etsy Self Critique Challenge.

If you’ve never asked for a critique before, you’re missing out on some amazing perks:

  • Learn why some sellers do better than other (for no apparent reason)
  • Get a self assessment CHECKLIST from people who UNDERSTAND what you do!
  • Learn about common Etsy seller secrets + tools that could skyrocket your shop
  • Finally answer those questions about what you should be doing on social media
  • Get clear, simple steps you can complete to finally get some traction online!
  • But do you know what’s not fair about Etsy shop critiques? It’s hard to find someone to give you a USEFUL shop critique.

Either they tell you what you already know “your shop is amazing!”…or you wind up paying a fortune to learn a few superficial things that only make a difference for SOME people. Hiring an expensive Etsy marketing company or Etsy marketing agency is not always the solution.

So I’ve created the ULTIMATE Etsy Self Critique Video Course… All you need to do is press the pretty pink button below, and I’ll send you an IN-DEPTH Etsy shop critique series.

to begin auditing your Etsy shop now!

In my career as an Etsy Success Coach, I’ve given over 1000 Etsy shop critiques. And I’ve seen some crazy stuff – from mind-blowing shops that never make a sale to shop owners who are DYING to succeed but can’t take a photo to save their life…and do you know what?


As it turns out, there is a formula for Etsy Success. And if you actually COMMIT to COMPLETING all the steps, this email program WILL boost your shop a little more every day!

BUT you have to commit. When you created your Etsy shop, you wanted something that would give you TRUE freedom: your own schedule, more time with the family, and the ultimate creative outlet – all custom made, just for you!

So NOW is the time to KICKASS: If you’re not going to work your butt off for YOU, and give yourself what you DESERVE, then you might as well just resign yourself to a lifetime of cubicles now.


When you sign up for the Etsy Shop Critique emails, you need to be ready to WORK. Make a true effort – do it for YOU – get yourself out of this repetitive carousel of mindless jobs.

It IS that easy. Just do the work, and you’ll see a difference!

This 5-day email challenge is designed to help you solve the BIG ISSUES in shops like yours, where something seems to be clogging up those sales for no reason!

You’ll learn:

  • The tricks all top sellers know to keep sales flowing
  • How to make a few simple changes that will bring you more views and customers
  • The most common problems that hold most all sellers back (and how to fix them!)
  • What you REALLY need to do to succeed on Etsy

Ready to get started? Let’s get your shop streamlined together! Sign up below:
Either they tell you what you already know “your shop is amazing!”…or you wind up paying a fortune to learn a few superficial things that only make a difference for SOME people.


Click the pretty pink buttom below for a course packed with droll-worthy Etsy hacks!

to begin auditing your Etsy shop now!

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