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Etsy and Coronavirus…What Now?

It’s pretty obvious why I made a coronavirus course for Etsy sellers…

Coronavirus has changed our lives forever. When it comes to COVID-19, the world we knew just a month or two ago is starting to look incredibly cushy about now!

And here’s the scary truth: When it comes to Etsy and Coronavirus, there are no rules we can follow…Everyone is making it up as they go along.

But despite what Etsy and Coronavirus might throw at us: We need to find a way to keep our businesses alive!

So I dove head-first into Etsy’s new post-coronavirus world, and I found all this great stuff to share with you: ⇣ ⇣

What’s Selling NOW?

Corona Etsy customers are nothing like the normal ones we know and love…What are they spending their $$ on?? You’ll learn what’s selling well NOW.

Worst-Case Strategy

When’s the best time to prepare for the worst?? When you’re CALM! Let’s make some big decisions NOW, while you can think with less pressure.

Insurance? Is it a FIX ALL?

Business insurance can cover you if income is lost under normal business circumstances…But does it work for coronavirus?? Let’s find out…

How Can I Pad My Income?

Trying to think of Etsy backups? What if I said you could just do what you’re already doing and turn it into extra income! This course shows you how.

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