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How to Name Your Etsy Shop So You Rank in Google!

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Oh no! Etsy changed promoted listings to this newfangled "Etsy Ads"! If your Etsy shop is bleeding sales...How can you make Etsy ads work for your shop??

So, you’ve decided to open an Etsy shop and realized that all the “basic” how-to’s are actually a lot more work than you thought…

Just figuring out what to name your Etsy shop seems like an impossible feat…

Especially when you’re up against about a ZILLION other *super cute* Etsy shop names!

Let me be the first to welcome you to the club…Naming your Etsy shop is just beginning.

But don’t stress, Buttercup!

I built multiple successful Etsy shops that allowed me to ditch my life as a corporate minion and start making more income than I ever did at a “real job”…

And now, I’m teaching other Etsy sellers how to do the same with my step-by-step Etsy Starter Kit series.

Name Your Etsy Shop: Just figuring out what to name your Etsy shop seems like an impossible feat… Especially when you’re up against about a ZILLION other *super cute* Etsy shop names! But don’t stress, Buttercup! I built multiple successful Etsy shops that allowed me to ditch my life as a corporate minion and start making more income than I ever did at a “real job”… And now, I’ll show you how to name your Etsy shop so you rank in google faster!

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There are THREE things to do when you first open your Etsy shop — other than happy dance around the house, call your bestie, and pop a bottle of champagne to celebrate…(because YAY YOU!!)

The first thing you want to do is NAME your Etsy shop…Then we’ll create your Etsy shop bio and banner!

In this article, you’ll learn:

(1) How to name your Etsy shop (so you’ll rank in google!)

(2) What to put in your shop bio

and (3) How to create an Etsy banner for your new shop 😊

And having a game plan before you go in can prevent some major mistakes!

So let’s set you up for success from the start.

Name your Etsy shop yoda meme joke

⇡ Let’s make sure this ISN’T you!!

Name Your Etsy Shop

This IS NOT the part where I wax philosophical about what’s in a name. #sorrynotsorry

This is the part where we get down to what you NEED to know because…

And this bit is IMPORTANT…

Etsy only lets you change your shop name ONE TIME, so you really need to get this right!

The BEST way to name your Etsy shop is to write down all your ideas (or use a cool name generator like this one)…

And THEN google the names you like best.

Why on earth would you do THAT??

When you GOOGLE all those name ideas you have, you’ll be able to immediately see who your competition is.

They may not be your DIRECT competition (meaning, they might not sell what you sell)…But you’ll be able to see who’s competing with you in GOOGLE for search results using YOUR ETSY SHOP NAME idea!

And that bit is VERY important.

If a VERY LARGE company has a similar name to the one you picked (or the same name — gasp!) then you know you’ll never be able to OUTRANK that company when it come to getting found in google search.

And getting found in search is how 99% of shops make money in their first 6 months.

So you want to pick a name that doesn’t have lots of competition!!

Don’t take this step for granted!

Here’s a short video showing about this process ⇣

Check Your Etsy Shop Name in Google:

⇡ Make Your Etsy Shop Name Show Up in Google Faster

When it comes to choosing an Etsy shop name, here’s what DOES NOT work:

🚫 Names that ALREADY have lots of competition in google search.

🚫 Names that include words that are hard to spell.

🚫 Names that include words with more than one spelling.

🚫 Names that include words that are trademarked.

🚫 Names that other companies are already using.

That’s it. Those are the only ⇡ things you need to worry about.

BONUS ROUND: Always, always, always check to make sure the name is available on Etsy!!

Do this BEFORE you run off and create social media profiles, business cards, or anything else. (!!!)

To check and see if your ideal shop name is available on Etsy, just do a quick search for your shop name and check for shops with a similar name.

Here’s a quick animation showing you how to check for a shop name on Etsy ⇣

Name your Etsy shop example gif

Creating Your Etsy Shop Bio

Ah, the joys of talking about yourself (aka the Etsy version of not knowing what to do with your hands…)

Etsy bios can be a little bit tricky if you’re not really used to talking about yourself. But there are just a few things you want to keep in mind for a killer Etsy bio. ⇣ ⇣

✅ Customers DON’T CARE about you. (GASP!!) They care about what they GET from your product. How will your item IMPROVE their lives?? Tell people how their lives will be better when they buy an item from you.

✅ This is your place to drop a few bragging rights, so don’t be afraid to share your story. Especially if your story involves helping other people or solving a major problem for yourself!

Don’t forget: Your BIO and Shop Announcement are GREAT places to add in some extra Etsy tags. (Otherwise known as SEO keywords!)

(Not sure how to use Etsy tags or what they are?? Click here to get a free crash-course on Etsy SEO).

Sprinkle those Etsy tags INTO your bio and shop announcement! If you sell “funny custom mugs”, then use that phrase TWICE in your bio!

But don’t cram tags into sentences where they wouldn’t naturally fit. Google loves well-crafted copy that sounds CONVERSATIONAL.

So read your bio and shop announcement out loud to proofread before you publish! 😊

Creating Your Etsy Shop Banner

Shop banners pack a huge punch because they literally span the entire top of your homepage!

Here’s a GREAT example of an Etsy banner ⇣

Name Your Etsy Shop - How to Create a Shop Banner

Etsy allows you to choose different types of banners, and many shops choose to have NO BANNER at all.

While you might think I have a HUGE problem with that…it’s actually JUST the opposite.

If you can’t create a great banner (or you’re at a loss for what to put there), then just turn your banner off.

When you don’t have a shop banner, anyone who visits your shop will immediately see your products.

The banner won’t distract them, they can just get straight to browsing your shop!

But let’s talk about what to do if you WANT an Etsy Banner…

Name your Etsy shop - create a shop banner in canva

⇡ You can use Canva for FREE to create a shop banner ⇡

Etsy shop banners are not the same as shop icons but they are a HUGE part of your branding.

Beautiful banners that showcase your product in use (or announce a special event in your shop) work best!

But all aesthetics aside, there are two technical aspects of banners that are super important to know…

  1. You can add a link in your banner to an individual listing (or a section of your shop). That makes your banner the PERFECT place to highlight promotions and best-selling products!!
  2. For best results (and why would you want any other kind?) make sure your banner dimensions are 3360 x 840 pixels. The absolute minimum quality is 1200 x 300 pixels so keep that in mind as you design.

Want help designing your Etsy banner? Canva has a FREE Etsy Banner Creator RIGHT HERE.

(FYI I LOVE Canva — you can use it for EVERY aspect of your shop branding, from a logo, to a banner, to listing images that help customers!)

So, there you have it!

 If you are just getting started opening your Etsy shop, keep an eye out for more from my Etsy Starter Kit series. 😊

And in the meantime, if you’re hungry for more, check out these 5 Things I Wish I Understood as a New Etsy Seller.

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