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How to Etsy: A Roundup of Beginner Resources in One Place

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How to Etsy: When you’re starting an Etsy shop and you want to get it right, FREE Tutorials are the way to go. Get the full collection here!

Trying to learn HOW to Etsy??

When you’re starting an Etsy shop and you want to get it right, FREE Beginner Tutorials are the way to go.

How to Etsy Joke

↑↑ Pro Tip: if you aren’t making money FROM your shop, don’t shell out money FOR your shop ↑↑

Lucky for you…

There are THOUSANDS of free Etsy resources out there (including some directly from Etsy).

Not so lucky for you…

99% of the people spreading Etsy advice don’t know what the fuck they’re talking about.

DOUBLE not so lucky for you…

Bad advice will travel all around the interwebs before good advice has even put her shoes on.

:: womp womp ::

These so-called experts can SMELL the desperation coming from newbie shop owners.

They’ll use the promise of a quick fix to take the money right out of your wallet…

And if you’ve ever wasted your time trying some of their “solutions”, you know how much it stings.

(Cut to the seller I met last month with over 700 items in her shop and NO SALES — all because an “expert” told her to FORGET about SEO, and FORGET about good pictures…Just add TONS of low quality items as fast as possible…)

Eeesh…our poor seller spent MONTHS taking that advice, just to wind up making $0.

Deep breath, baby girl.

It’s time to bust out the Ben and Jerry’s and break up with bad advice.💔 💔 💔

You need someone by your side who has been there, done that, and made hundreds of thousands of dollars along the way.

From naming your shop and photographing your items to scaling your biz into 6-figure status

I’ve put together over a dozen FREE Beginner Tutorials for Etsy sellers that will give you a step-by-step action plan for getting started. ⇣

Do you really need this many free tutorials?

Probably not.

Should you check all of them out anyway?

Why the hell not??

It’s hard to find good help, let alone FREE help — so don’t be shy!

This is literally every single freebie I’ve got for beginners.

AND… I’ll be adding new resources into this roundup on the regular, so you might as well bookmark it too. 😘


Click any image below to see the free tutorial that goes with it!

Name Your Etsy Shop: Just figuring out what to name your Etsy shop seems like an impossible feat… Especially when you’re up against about a ZILLION other *super cute* Etsy shop names! But don’t stress, Buttercup! I built multiple successful Etsy shops that allowed me to ditch my life as a corporate minion and start making more income than I ever did at a “real job”… And now, I’ll show you how to name your Etsy shop so you rank in google faster!
Photograph Art Prints for Etsy: When it comes to photographing your art prints for Etsy, you might feel like you're running out of ideas fast. Creating ENTICING photos of art prints for Etsy isn't exactly easy...How many different ways can you photograph a piece of art in a frame??? And that's what today's article is all about...We'll talk about how you can photograph art prints for Etsy so they'll SELL MORE OFTEN!
Your Etsy Product Description Matters to Customers: Watching your Etsy sales plummet? In this live shop critique, you'll learn how to write a product description that sells again and again. Click here to make it happen.


Click any image below to see the free tutorial that goes with it!

Etsy SEO Tools That Make Your Shop *CAH-CHING* - TRUTH: Etsy SEO is hard. Wanna see a roundup of ALL the Etsy SEO tools and tips in one place? Get 'em all here and stop stressing.
Etsy SEO Mistakes to Avoid - When it comes to Etsy SEO, some of the simplest mistakes are like a bad curse and can’t be undone! Learn how to avoid creating your worst Etsy nightmares! What makes these 3 stories so scary is how easy it is to make the same mistakes because they all seem like strategies that would help your shop grow. Which means there’s a pretty good chance you could be making one of them right now and not even realize it! Click to read more! #seo #marketingstrategy #socialmediamarketing #marketing #branding #website #etsy #etsyshop #etsyseller #shopsmall #smallbiz #mycreativebiz
Fixing your SEO is the fastest way to get your shop the attention it deserves! Think about it: changing out a few words will only take up an afternoon. When you compare that to big changes like taking new photos, rewriting all your content, or creating a ton of new products…it seems like a no-brainer! Watch the free course to learn how!


Click any image below to see the free tutorial that goes with it!

What to Sell on Etsy: What items should you sell on Etsy? Just putting any old thing on Etsy DOES NOT lead to sales...So what can you sell on Etsy *NOW* that will make a profit? Click to find out!
How Many Items Should Your Etsy Shop Have - With Etsy shops getting bigger and bigger, when is it time to STOP?? How many items are ENOUGH for sales, and what items should you add to get MORE sales? Click to find out!
Turn Your Etsy Favorites into Sales - If everybody who FAVORITED your items on Etsy actually bought, how would your life be different? I’m pretty sure you’d be sitting under a palm tree drinking something alcoholic out of a coconut right now. Wanna turn your Etsy favorites into sales? Click here to learn how. #etsy #etsyshop #etsyseller #diy #tutorial #doityourself #craft #crafts #creative #crafty

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