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Why “DIY” is the Worst Way to Run Your Etsy Shop

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What's the worst way to run your Etsy shop? Read this article to see what mistake 79% of Etsy sellers are making...See how to fix it AND get more time back!

Wanna know the WORST way to run your Etsy Shop??

Let’s start this chat off with a batshit crazy statistic direct from Etsy…

According to Etsy’s own economic impact study, 79% of all shops are just one person. 

And every last one of them is doing this whole online business thing WRONG. 

Okay, okay — that last bit of commentary wasn’t in the study.

But I promise that if you are doing #allthethings in your Etsy business, you are headed for a DIY disaster.

It might not happen today…Or next month…

But the TRUTH is that eventually, all solopreneurs WILL BURN OUT.

That’s because at SOME point, you’ll either get so many orders that you literally CAN’T pack another box…

Maybe you’ll get sick of creating tons of products that don’t seem to be selling…

Or you’ll run out of patience while trying to pick 13 (somehow “NEW”) tags every time you list an item…

PRO TIP: You know you’re burned out when you start to DREAD orders, Etsy convos, or both.

At the risk of sounding dramatic… BURN OUT happens to literally EVERY person who runs a business.

There’s no “skipping” this step.

What's the worst way to run your Etsy shop? Read this article to see what mistake 79% of Etsy sellers are making...See how to fix it AND get more time back!

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Think about it this way:

You wouldn’t apply for a job when you had absolutely NONE of the skills that job required, right?

But that’s exactly what most Etsy sellers do again and again and again in their own businesses.

Your average Etsy seller wears A LOT of hats… 

CEO… Creative Director… Customer Relations Expert… Head of Sales… Manufacturing Director… Social Media Manager… Accountant… Artisan… Photographer…

Therapist to that one crazy customer you seem to get each month…

Hell, if your shop sells hats and you don’t have any models, then literally wearing hats is one of the many hats you wear. (Read that again if you need to, because it was an epic moment).

Feeling stressed out and confused yet?

That’s probably a good thing, because it means your body is trying to WARN you that this is a *bad fucking plan*. ⇣ ⇣ ⇣

Worst Way to Run Your Etsy Shop Joke

If we want to succeed, we have to be WILLING TO ADMIT that we can’t be an expert in everything a successful Etsy shop needs.

We have to be willing to hire help when we’re not the right person for the job.

Now, I know what you might be thinking…

*AHEM* Jenni, did you just say HIRE someone? With MONEY?

Oh yeah…I went there.

And I know you’re ALREADY running numbers in your head, thinking “This is NOT FOR ME!!” before I even finished my sentence.

You might think that paying someone else to knock items off your to-do list is something you DEFINITELY can’t afford…

But the truth is that you really can’t afford not to.

I want to be CLEAR: We ARE NOT talking about hiring a $2000 / month employee.

That is the OPPOSITE of what works for most Etsy sellers.

We’re talking about REMOVING whole tasks from your plate for SMALL amounts of money…

✔ For example, would you pay $90 / month if you NEVER had to do your own SEO again??

✔ How about a one-time payment of $200 to get ALL YOUR PHOTOS taken for you??

✔ Or Pinterest done for you, month after month so you can just WATCH extra traffic flow into your Etsy shop…

Even if we disregard the very real possibility of say… making some financial mistake because you’re not actually a CPA and numbers scare the shit out of you… (⇠ you can fix that too!)

There’s a VERY REAL LAG in your journey to success if you’re NOT WILLING to ask for help.

Because EVERY SINGLE SELLER who’s “doing it all” themselves is getting by with duct-tape methods and just barely scraping by.

Basically, your business IS NOT optimized, because you don’t have the TIME to get it right by yourself.

Tell me this: How many BIG COMPANIES do you think are creating success with duct-taped methods and NO PLAN at all whatsoever??

I’ll answer this question for you, even though *we both know* you ALREADY know the answer…

NO SUCCESSFUL company stays in business when their SHIT is in SHAMBLES.

That’s why banks FORCE you to present a PLAN when you want a business loan: Because they don’t lend money to shit shows!!

Banks KNOW from EONS of research that “make it up as you go” DOES. NOT. WORK.

So as a Etsy Seller with approximately 2.5 minutes left in your schedule…How the HELL are you supposed to get your ducks in order??!?

READ: hiring qualified help for tasks that you CAN’T DO or tasks you’re BAD AT is the quickest way to ⚡fast forward your success ⚡

Before you ask yourself, “can I afford to hire some help from an SEO expert?” I want you to really think about the ALTERNATIVES…

If you don’t EVER hire help, this is what you can expect ⇣ ⇣

  • Wait 2-3 years for your shop to maybe rise through the search ranks toward mediocre success?
  • Spend every spare minute researching what to do and praying that info is up-to-date?
  • Miss out on the 3X sales you could be making right now if things were just done right from the start?

As someone who has been there and done that…

I can tell you IT WASN’T WORTH THE WAIT.


Proof that Doing it Yourself is a One-Way Ticket to CONSTANT STRUGGLE ⇣

Would you rather clean your entire house alone, or have SEVEN people helping you finish the job??

DUH — when it comes to mundane tasks, it’s obvious that MORE help is better.

So why do we think that running an Etsy shop ALONE is the best way to go??

Just take a look at my first two years in business. This chart below is literally me being stubborn… ⇣ ⇣

I REFUSED to ask for help, and I thought, “if I can’t do it alone, then I can’t do it at all!”

My First Two Years of (Sad) Business Growth

Worst Way to Run Your Etsy Shop Graphic Proving my Point

⇡ There was NO massive growth in sight. ⇡

Meanwhile, everybody else was screaming from the rooftops, “I grew 150% this year!”, “We doubled our profits in 12 months!”, “I had to hire a team just to help me pack orders!”…

How were they pulling THAT off??

I had no idea, and I was DRAINING all my time and energy trying to figure it out.

But nothing was working. I was struggling to get it all done.

Every DAY was a 6am to 11pm SPRINT.

And after working an EXTRA 5 hours, every single day, 7 days a week, my revenue grew a bit that year…but only $3000 of that wound up in my pocket.

That’s an EXTRA 1400 hours I worked for a mere $3000. Meaning I got paid $2.14 per HOUR.

Um, can you say NOT worth it???

Joke Meme

⇡ No ma’am, that was NOT a fair trade! ⇡

Well, rather than taking THREE YEARS to figure it out (like I did), I wanna show you what happened when I finally caught on…and started asking for help!

Turns out, doing stuff alone was pretty stupid idea.

After seeing my LACKLUSTER profit, I began LOOKING for other people with an online business. (Specifically an Etsy shop with a Blog, like me!)

As I made new friends, they introduced me to ideas I’d never heard before…Including people I could HIRE to do it for me…And they showed me how to use my new hires to *GET MORE DONE* while working FEWER hours.

These were the first people to ever be HONEST with me.

Instead of telling me, “everything you do looks great!” I finally heard my first pieces of constructive criticism…

This was the key shift that helped me PROPEL my business forward at *absurd speeds*.

Now all those people claiming “I grew my business by 150% this year!” were in my REAR-VIEW mirror…I was kicking their 150% asses into the ground

Serious Business Growth After Asking for Help

Worst Way to Run Your Etsy Shop Graphic Proving my Point

⇡ From $87k to $181k: that’s 208% growth! ⇡

My business buddies and new contractors gave me PUSH-UP BRA levels of support…

Not to mention a CONSTANT source of creative ideas, and the MOTIVATION I desperately needed (because we all have days when we just wanna give up!)

And unlike most things in business — this WAS NOT a one-off phenomenon.

How do I know??

The growth just KEPT coming last year, too! ⇣

Business Growth That Just Won’t Stop!

Worst Way to Run Your Etsy Shop Graphic Proving my Point

⇡ Year 4 saw 177% growth – $181k to $320k ⇡

And the HONEST truth?? There’s NO way I had it in me to push myself this far without HELP.

By joining forces and collaborating, I got access to an ENDLESS OCEAN of insights, magical solutions, and the BEST ideas I’ve ever heard.

Those ⇡ are things that would otherwise take me FOREVER to figure out…or worse, NEVER happen at all!

And every time I think it’s too good to be true, I just remember what it FELT LIKE to work for $2.14 an hour… ⇣ ⇣ ⇣

Joke Meme

⇡ Nope, I’ve officially learned my lesson! 

So stop WASTING your time trying to do everything yourself…

You can outsource ALL kinds of tasks. Here are some examples of things I see Etsy sellers getting help with MOST:

✅ High value tasks that CREATE more traffic or sales. (So done-for-you SEO, Pinterest Management, Sales Strategy Guidance, and New Product Research + Development)

✅ Things that take up WAY too much of your time (CONVOS!!)

✅ Stuff you’re good at but HATE doing (Adding Listings!!)

✅ And tasks you just plain don’t enjoy, or feel you’re not very good at (example: Professional photos)


The first law of money: The transformation to a wealthier life is in your willingness to PAY for the change.

You can pay by sacrificing time ⌛…

You can pay by sacrificing comfort 🧸…

But most of the time, it’s best to pay by sacrificing a bit of money — odds are in your favor that you’ll MAKE IT BACK and then some!

Get Your LIFE BACK, Create a PLAN of ACTION, and Hire Affordable Help…

Is your brain exploding with “a-ha!” moments? 

Then give Tribe Hire a try!

From social media and SEO to money mindset, shop maintenance, and more…

Tribe Hire has experts in every niche who can help you grow your Etsy store without the added stress of hiring staff. ⇣ ⇣ ⇣



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