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Summer 2020 Etsy Trend Predictions: The Summer of Corona

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Summer 2020 Etsy Trends: What's selling on Etsy during the summer of corona? Click on this article to see what you can sell now (besides face masks!)

In a time that’s filled with so much uncertainty, knowing how to spot 2020 Etsy Trends has brought me an odd sense of peace…

Because if you can spot ’em, you can sell ’em…And knowing you can keep your business alive makes for a serious sense of CALM (or you know, maybe it’s just an out of body experience I’m having 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ *shrugs*)

Listen, I know looking into the future right now can be scary AF…

But especially right now, a little foresight can boost your sales and save your booty.

That’s why I’ve put together my 6 biggest predictions for Summer 2020 Etsy trends… 

Let’s dive in and get your shop on track! ⇣ ⇣

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2020 Etsy Trend: Coronavirus Couture

First things first, let’s address the elephant in the room — Coronavirus related items are trending BEYOND HARD right now.

But that doesn’t mean you have to start stitching face masks and trying to turn your Bacardi 151 into hand sanitizer (although surprise, surprise… both of those items are selling out).

Right now we’re seeing tons of zero waste items stepping in to fill the gaps in grocery store shelves. We’re talking reusable “paper” towels, tissues, and even toilet paper! (Yes, I bought some, and NO…it’s not as gross as you think!)

People are trying to keep themselves entertained…And as a result, they’re going crazy for craft kits, date-in-a-boxes, and other creative all-in-one boredom busters.

Aaand, as with any other challenging time in human history, we’re seeing people use humor to cope and support each other.

You may have noticed that I already predicted MOST of these trends back in January 2020 😉 Apparently I have the magic touch, because I definitely didn’t know covid was coming back then!

🔮⇠ my brain

And our Coronavirus trends article (back in March) covered everything that you should be selling NOW to grow your shop during unusual times.

The trick to embracing this trend is to take what you already offer and give it a little twist. (See examples below).

We’re all just doing our best…So believe me when I say that there’s no reason to reinvent the wheel!

Etsy Trend Prediction - Zero waste items

Zero Waste Towels from GreenandHappyShop

2020 Etsy Trends Example

Downloadable Embroidery from A Curious Twist

2020 Etsy Trends Example

Graduation Gift from 1PoshShop

2020 Etsy Trend: Chartreuse on the Loose

This summer, we’re making a swap from 2019’s lime green craze to a more mature chartreuse.

It’s been popping up everywhere from fashion runways to home decor editorials and everywhere in between.

2020 Etsy Trends Example

Chartreuse Earrings from GreenCity

2020 Etsy Trends Example

Chartreuse Yarn from Kenst Fabric

2020 Etsy Trends Example

Chartreuse Bird Brooch from Clover Powers

Thankfully, it’s about 1,000 times easier to style than it is to spell ✏️✏️✏️

So you can make a big statement with this bold green hue that gives a gorgeous nod to the neons of the 80s...

2020 Etsy Trend: The 80s, Baby!

See what I did there? The 80s are back in a big way and it’s not just about the colors.

Super-stylized silhouettes, oversized enamel costume jewelry, sequins, scrunchies, and more are all hot this summer.

Pro-Tip for Etsy Fashion Sellers…

While some shoppers will no doubt be embracing massive shoulder pads and color-block suits, this is one area where I’d strongly recommend keeping current times in mind.

A little geometric pattern on a pair of leggings can go a long way…

Make sure that you’re taking care of the demographic that is currently living (and working) in sweatpants!

Etsy Trend Prediction - Athleisure items

80’s Colorful Leggings from The Jay and Bee

2020 Etsy Trends Example

80’s Suit Nail from

2020 Etsy Trends Example

Vintage 80’s Chain from RETMOD

2020 Etsy Trend: Grandmillenial Style

It’s 2020’s greatest blended word since “quaranteam”!

And it’s bringing that granny-chic to the table… or closet…

From fun wearables like brooches and lockets to macrame doilies… to Respecting your elders for their sense of style will score your shop some major points this summer.

2020 Etsy Trends Example

Vintage Plates from WillowRoadInteriors

2020 Etsy Trends Example

Vintage Salt Shakers from WrightThriftCo

2020 Etsy Trends Example

Vintage Teacups from CatMooseLane

2020 Etsy Trend: Pet Pandemonium

Our furry, feathered, and fishy friends are having a moment!

People and their pets are helping each other through this pandemic in a major way, and many are looking to show their love bigger than before.

Custom grooming tools and high-quality treats are flying off the digital shelves.

Almost any item can be tweaked to embrace this trend and show a little love for our pets.

2020 Etsy Trends Example

Pet Bed from FLAXandSYMBOL

2020 Etsy Trends Example

Rope Leash from The Stately Hound

2020 Etsy Trends Example

Mid Century Pet Bowl from WoodPETker

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