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How to Photograph Art Prints for Etsy

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Photograph Art Prints for Etsy: When it comes to photographing your art prints for Etsy, you might feel like you're running out of ideas fast. Creating ENTICING photos of art prints for Etsy isn't exactly easy...How many different ways can you photograph a piece of art in a frame??? And that's what today's article is all about...We'll talk about how you can photograph art prints for Etsy so they'll SELL MORE OFTEN!

When it comes to photographing your art prints for Etsy, you might feel like you’re running out of ideas fast.

Creating ENTICING photos of art prints for Etsy isn’t exactly easy…How many different ways can you photograph a piece of art in a frame???

And that’s what today’s article is all about…We’ll talk about how you can photograph art prints for Etsy so they’ll SELL MORE OFTEN!

Let’s get started… ⇣

Ever notice how the photos for most art prints on Etsy look about as two-dimensional as a college bro with an acoustic guitar?

Yeah, it’s not a cute look. 

There’s no pop, no personality, and (whether sellers want to admit it or not)…There’s no way to make a PROFIT when you half ass it.

TRUTH BOMB: Customers can smell your desperation a MILE away, and it’s a major turn off.

If you’re trying to sell art prints on Etsy JUST for the money…Well then, let me save you a little time:

When I work with Etsy sellers, who do you think does better? ⇣

🚫 The seller who’s pressuring herself to make $100 a week, and as a result she’s doing EVERYTHING under the sun (think ALL the spammy tactics!) AND uploading a ton of BORING, low-quality products???

✅ OR the seller who’s creating things based on what she and her friends would hang in their homes…And she’s HAVING fun, taking it slow, and experimenting with all her creative ideas…

Who do you think is STILL selling on Etsy 6 months from now??

I can tell you that seller #1 (who was just in it for the money)…She’ll wear herself out and GIVE UP in about 3 months.

So let’s talk about what you can do to EXPERIMENT and HAVE FUN when you photograph your art prints for Etsy. (Like seller #2 does!)

When it comes to photographing art prints for Etsy shops, it’s all about knowing how to style art prints to SELL — which I promise is easier than it sounds…

Bernie Sanders Photograph Art Prints on Etsy Joke

⇡ Don’t worry Bernie! I got your back! ⇡

Some of the most frequent questions I see Etsy sellers ask about styling art prints are:

  • “Should I have a close up photo showing all the fine details?”
  • “Should I have a photo showing sizes and framing options?”
  • “Should I have a creative photo that catches buyers’ eyes?”

The answer to all three questions is a resounding YES.

When it comes to selling on Etsy, pictures are EVERYTHING.

(In fact, good Etsy photography is so important that I even put together an entire podcast episode allll about it right here for ya.)

But when it comes to selling art prints — especially digital prints, where it can be oh-so-tempting to just load up your file with a watermark and call it a day…

It’s EXTRA important that you put in the EXTRA CREDIT…Do it once and do it right!

If the photos you’re using in your shop aren’t eye-catching enough to stop buyers from scrolling on by, then sales simply won’t be happening.

Just keep scrolling Photograph Art Prints on Etsy Joke

⇡ This is what customers do on Etsy…You need to GIVE them a reason to stop ⇡

So what are some creative ways to showcase your art prints and actually make some sales?

Bottom line: People NEED to see how to use your product!

And the less they need to use their imagination to picture it in their own home, the better off your sales will be.

NOW – before we dive in, I can already hear you saying, “BUT JENNI…I’m not good at photography!!”

When it comes to photography, I’ve heard ALL the excuses. Let’s review just for fun, shall we?

😔 I have kids so I can’t photograph during the day when the light is better.

😔 I don’t have a good camera and it’s too expensive to buy one.

😔 None of the pictures I take are any good, and when I post them, people don’t buy my items.

So, before we dive into to HOW you can photograph your art prints for Etsy…Let’s discuss the elephant in the room:

What should you do if you’re, ahem…a BAD Photographer?? 

You have TWO options if your photography skills aren’t where you want them to be.

Your FIRST OPTION: Become a Better Photographer.

Yup, it’s a DERP moment, but literally ZERO of the instagram images you obsesses over just “happened like that”. At some point, the photographer…who was PROBABLY a shit photographer just a year or two ago…At some point they picked up a camera and STARTED PRACTICING.

Photography is NOT a skill that people just naturally have. Yes, some people are better than others from the start.


So let me ask you, how often do you pick up your smartphone and PRACTICE taking pictures??

Because all it really takes is a weekend or two of you practicing with your phone.

That’s a FREE WAY to get your shit fixed. And there’s really no excuse…we photograph everything these days.

Pull out one of your products, and start photographing it ALL over your house, in a zillion different positions.

Take a FREE photography class on YouTube.

These days, there’s no excuse for being a bad photographer…all it takes is actually TRYING IT.

Yes, you may wind up with 2000 bad photos and 2 good ones, but you will LEARN from those 2 good ones.

And in just a few hours, you can become a WAY BETTER photographer.

Now, if you’re feeling SUPER lazy and you’re just not up for practicing your photography, you have another option.

Let’s talk about your second option now…

Your SECOND OPTION: Use Mockups to Sell Your Art Prints on Etsy.

Mockups are PROFESSIONALLY PHOTOGRAPHED products that are blank.

They come BLANK so you can drop your own artwork into them. Here’s an example:

⇡ Watch me create beautiful framed photos in MERE clicks

As you can see in this before and after, this seller’s artwork is now beautifully displayed with just a couple clicks in photoshop, and there are NO PHOTOGRAPHY SKILLS NEEDED!

There are mockups available for art prints on Creative Market*, right here.

(* Remember that there are affiliate links on this page. Affiliate links allow me to keep bringing you high quality content completely FREE. It took me about two hours to write this article for you. So if you want me to keep writing free Etsy help content for you, please don’t hesitate to click 😊)

In the Tribe, members get access to our Mockup Vault, which is a FULL of over 126 different art print mockups:

Photographing art prints for Etsy

If access to new mockups sounds like your cup of tea, click on over here and get on the Tribe wait list.

Being in the Tribe costs about the same as buying new mockups every month, and you get WAY more than just mockups:

✅ Etsy courses,

✅ 1:1 support from an Etsy counselor,

✅ Weekly live Etsy events,

✅ and New content based on Etsy updates each month.

Now that we’ve covered the best ways to COMPENSATE for mediocre photography skills, let’s get into the GOOD STUFF! ⇣

Without further adieu, here are…

3 ways to photograph your art prints to make them SELL MORE on Etsy

1. Display your art print on a styled shelf.

Photographing art prints for Etsy

Feminist Print by TheQuoteHouse

Photographing art prints for Etsy

Skull Print by

Photographing art prints for Etsy

Gray Cat Print by JulieAnnStudios

If you spend time poking around my own Etsy shop, you’ll see that this is my go-to favorite for item thumbnails because it pops off the screen without causing confusion about what’s being sold.

When you try this idea, think about who might buy this print and how they might use it to decorate their home. Colorful picture frames, potted plants, and items related to the art print itself are all great choices.

Make sure the styling is neat and that the art print takes center stage.

Light your work properly using lots of natural light or professional lights — they don’t have to be expensive but trust me when I say that you don’t want to rely on whatever old bulbs are hanging around your house.

2. Display your art print on a gallery wall.

Photographing art prints for Etsy

Animal Print Set by ElfinLilac

Photographing art prints for Etsy

Two Black Cats by ZoeeXiaoArt

Photographing art prints for Etsy

Line Art Set by PrintasticStudio

While I don’t recommend using this as your item thumbnail, it is the absolute perfect way to promote other art that’s available in your shop. So save this idea for a secondary  photo in your listing.

The art print you’re selling in this particular listing should be the standout piece,but don’t distort the color or size of any images in a way that doesn’t reflect what’s being sold.

(Nobody likes getting catfished.)

Adding a small bit of text to your photo and item description letting buyers know where they can get other prints from the gallery wall in your shop and linking those prints in the description is a great way to get more eyes on your work without any extra marketing.

And for anybody wondering… it’s not cheating to repurpose the same image and Photoshop in other artwork to save time for other listings as long as the final image is genuinely reflective of what you’re selling.

3. Display your art print with creative scale.

Photographing art prints for Etsy

Kid’s Print by

Photographing art prints for Etsy

Plant Mom Print by MissUniko

Photographing art prints for Etsy

Packaging Example by JulieAnnStudios

A framed print of a water-colored pug print next to an actual pug? Genius.

A print with a sassy quote about wine next to an actual wine bottle? Profound.

A print of any Star Wars planet with action figures hanging around? *chef kiss*

You see where I’m going with this one…

Get playful, have fun, and just make sure you’re not pulling a “gotcha” on the sizing here if you’re using props to convey scale.

Out-of-the-box ideas have a higher chance of getting attention on social media so don’t be afraid to share your photos on sites other than Etsy. My personal favorite is Pinterest, and I’ve got you covered with a guide to BLOWING UP Your Etsy Traffic with Pinterest HERE.

Knowing how to properly photograph your prints can mean the difference between making epic sales and getting lost in the sauce. 

And when it comes to selling on a site like Etsy that has literally tens of millions of items up for sale, standing out is super-critical to your success.

So get those photos on point, Buttercup!

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