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Etsy Tasks That WASTE Your Time (for NO reason!)

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Etsy Tasks that Waste Your Time - why spend your time on pointless to-do lists for your ETsy shop when you can focus on what actually matters? See what Etsy tasks you can stop doing today.

The whole Internet is busy telling you to ADD SHIT to your Etsy to-do list right now.

Let’s just raise a big fat middle finger to that.

Because you don’t have time to add MORE Etsy tasks to your life. (Or ANY tasks for that matter!)

If anything, we all need a hell of a lot LESS — especially when it comes to that to-do list full of pointless Etsy tasks.

Let’s see what you can CROSS OFF before you even start ⇣ ⇣ ⇣

Etsy Tasks that Waste Your Time - why spend your time on pointless to-do lists for your ETsy shop when you can focus on what actually matters? See what Etsy tasks you can stop doing today.

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Last year, I decided to simplify my business. My motto became “Keep it Simple, Stupid”…and I did a HUGE business purge. I got rid of EVERYTHING that wasn’t making serious dollar signs.

And to my complete and utter shock, my bank account didn’t die a flaming death. My business didn’t come crashing down. And my life didn’t spontaneously combust.


Instead, when I decided to CUT THE FAT out of my biz, I actually created the most PROFITABLE year I’ve ever had. ⇣ ⇣ ⇣

Worst Way to Run Your Etsy Shop Graphic Proving my Point

⇡ Year 1 & 2 are me DOING IT ALL. Years 3 & 4 are when I GAVE UP the bullshit. ⇡

And I did it all while working 2-5 hours per day. MAX. Because you’re doing POINTLESS shit to just fill the time — whether you know it or not.

In fact, that’s why I wrote this article. You are busy AF. You ALREADY have too much shit on your plate this year…

And guess what? Most of it is there for NO F*CKING reason.

You don’t even need it. It’s probably holding you back from actually getting shit done.

So without further ado, here are the Etsy tasks you need to STOP doing in 2020:

Pointless Etsy Task #1: Creating an e-commerce website

Yup, I already went on this rant right here. Read the whole spiel by clicking the link, or take the detour and read the short version:

When you sign up for Etsy, there’s a built-in audience. There are 25 million + buyers on Etsy. As soon as you post your product, every single last one of those people could see it. And those people keep coming back for more (because who doesn’t love Etsy?), so if they didn’t see your product the first time around, they still have lots of chances to find it.

When you create a website, you’re standing alone in the middle of the desert. There are literally NO website platforms that send you traffic (not enough, anyways). That’s your job.

And if you don’t know how to send that traffic, you’re screwed.

Most Etsy sellers create a website and then expect to make money immediately. But real life doesn’t work like that.

REALITY CHECK: who knows that your website exists? NOT A SOUL. Literally. Zero People.

That doesn’t exactly reek of full-time income, does it?

Sure, you’ll tell your family, and you’ll post it on social media. But that traffic will run out quickly. I’m sure we’ve all seen this sad little website predicament:

Etsy Shop Website

⇡ Here we see a traffic bump on launch day, followed immediately by *crickets*. ⇡

That’s right kids, the internet is a cruel mistress. And if you think for a second she’s going to reward you for your mere existence online, you’re about to get slapped in the face with a bucket of ‘oh fuck!’ ⇣ ⇣

Etsy tasks, Etsy to do list, joke about too much to do on Etsy

⇡ When you think you can get website traffic then the internet tells you otherwise…

To make it worse: Did you know that the AVERAGE number of sales on a Shopify site is about 3 PER MONTH? I reached out to a handful of other 6-figure Etsy sellers like myself, and we all averaged about the same thing. And it looks like this:

Why Your Etsy shop needs a Blog

That does not a salary make. In fact, it doesn’t even pay off the fees Shopify charges you to run your website!

So STOP thinking that a website is going to make a serious difference for your business. (Because unless you’re the god of traffic, it never will).

Now, a BLOG on the other hand — that’s a different story. You can see how blogs can skyrocket the shit out of your business right here.

What to do INSTEAD of this Time Waster…

My guess is that you want to create an e-commerce website because you think it will lead to MORE SALES.

But as we saw up there ⇡, it’s just gonna take up all your time, and make literally PENNIES (if you’re lucky!!)

So if your GOAL is to create more sales, why not focus on a platform where shoppers are ALREADY looking for items like yours??

I’m talking about AMAZON HANDMADE, or a social media network like PINTEREST.

These two platforms are like GOLD for Etsy sellers.

If you want help UPPING your game WITHOUT an e-commerce website, check out these services from top Etsy sellers who can help you make it happen:

Pointless Etsy Task #2: Etsy apps that promote your items for you

Holy waste of your time, Batman!

If you’re subscribed to my email list, you may have noticed that I never send you emails about “this new great app that you have to try right now!”

And it’s not because app creators don’t contact me CONSTANTLY begging that I promote their software to all my lovely Etsy sellers.

It’s that I never f*cking say yes. No matter how much commission they offer.

Because I know these apps are pretty much useless. Did you ever notice they rarely assign NUMERICAL values to their “results”? They just throw case studies and a few short testimonials at you – but there are no concrete, consistent results or graphs?

That’s because most of these apps give you a tiny, temporary boost. The best one I’ve ever seen claimed to boost your traffic by 10% — which if you do the math, usually works out to around 10 extra visits a day.

Last time I checked, 10 extra visits does not a full-time income make.

Not even f*cking close.

Marketing apps are NOT going to create serious income, no matter what you do, or what they tell you. Stop wasting your time on them.

There’s NO such thing as an instant miracle platform. If selling online was that easy, everyone would be doing it and we’d all be rich.

Stop looking for “band-aid” cures. They’re a complete waste of time. Most of them just want your money.

I talk about the (few) programs I use to help me run my Etsy shop right here. I use them because they MAKE me A LOT more money than they cost.

But here’s the IMPORTANT SHIT you need to know: buying these tools won’t GUARANTEE that you start making more money – you have to put in the work. That’s how an investment works: it does some of the lifting for you, and in return, you make the money back SOMEWHERE ELSE in your biz.

What to do INSTEAD of this Time Waster…

Alright, just like before…I’m guessing you want to pay apps to promote your items because you think TRAFFIC = SALES.

But that’s not always true…

In fact, if you have traffic, but NO SALES, then MORE traffic will not do JACK SHIT for you!!

When a shop has traffic but no sales, that’s a DEAD GIVEAWAY that people don’t want what you’re selling.

OR you’re using the wrong TAGS, and TARGETING people who don’t want your item.

Not sure whether you need a product overhaul or an SEO overhaul? Get input from top Etsy sellers below ⇣ ⇣

Pointless Etsy Task #3: Spending more than 3 hours developing a new product

About once a month I get this same email from a random Etsy seller. It always starts the same way:

“I’ve been working on X product for over a month now, and…”

Here’s the thing kids: this is ETSY, not APPLE. We don’t need to spend months creating a product.

If you can’t create, upload, photograph, and publish ONE NEW item in 3 hours or less, you’re spending TOO MUCH TIME on product development.

And trust me, it won’t pay off.

We’ve already talked about how important it is to have a well-stocked shop. And that becomes IMPOSSIBLE when you’re investing DAYS at a time on just a single product.

The products that make the BULK of my Etsy income are all items I created in an hour or less. How did I know to create those products?

Simple: I looked at my stats. I kept track of what sold, and what’s popular.

And then, I created more of the THINGS THAT SOLD.

Some items are just the same design on a different product. Some are new designs with a similar theme, or font.

Let’s be real for a minute: How on earth would it be possible to make 6 figures if you’re spending all your time creating products?

When you’re making 6-figure sales, you’re gonna need time to pack and ship orders. You also need time to promote your stuff. And on top of that, you need time to keep up with customer service and emails. And this shit just plays itself on repeat every single day.

Product creation is something I do once a month, for about two days. I create a month’s worth of new items in one massive burst.

When you’re making serious money, you need to BATCH important tasks. Cause you won’t have time to do them during a regular week.

So, if 6-figure sellers are spending limited time creating products, YOU should be too.

What to do INSTEAD of this Time Waster…

If you are the QUEEN of decision fatigue, then HELLO. Welcome to the club. Please come in and have a drink!

I feel you, and I’m the same way.

But even us struggle-bus decision makers can learn how to FOCUS on the things that matter, and let go of the shit that doesn’t.

But if you want top Etsy sellers to RESEARCH and recommend products that sell (while helping you create listings or come up with new ideas…)

Then you can make that happen HERE ⇣ ⇣

Pointless Etsy Task #4: Asking for input on everything you do

Yup, you’re a big girl now. You own a business, and if you want that business to do well, you need to learn how to make your own decisions.


Because the longer it takes you, the more money you lose.

Some things need input – testing a new product line, or coming up with a good theme for your blog – those are BIG decisions and it’s reasonable to ask for help there.

But asking for feedback on EVERY product you make, or getting feedback on fonts / colors / designs that look dead similar – those things are a waste of everyone’s time.

You’re creative. You’ve probably had good taste your entire life. It’s time to act like it.

Stop putting your own success on hold just because you need positive reinforcement. Post your new products. Watch the reactions from your CUSTOMERS – because they are the people who really matter.

(And hey, guess what? Your fellow sellers or the people you’re asking for advice? They’re definitely NOT your target audience. Use their opinions at your own risk!)

The opinions that matter most are YOURS and your customers. If customers clearly like something and they keep buying it, make more shit like that. Clean and simple.

What to do INSTEAD of this Time Waster…

The fact is, people who need support and advice about EVERY LITTLE THING usually have a problem they’re unaware of:

When it feels like you struggle with EVERY STEP, it’s because there’s something BIGGER going on.

Maybe you aren’t sure if you even want to sell on Etsy. Maybe you don’t believe in your product.

Or maybe it’s deeper than that — and you’re terrified of FAILING, succeeding, or getting a bad review.

Whatever the case, it can HELP LOADS to hear from a professional in your space, and get CUSTOM advice.

The best question you can ask is, “What would you do with my shop if you were the one running it?”

And the answer will often tell you if you’re going the right direction…Sometimes it even helps you clearly see that you WANT to do something different.

If you don’t know which way is UP, check out these services from top Etsy sellers who can help you make it happen:

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