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What’s *REALLY* Happening with Etsy’s Covid Rules??

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Oh no! Etsy changed promoted listings to this newfangled "Etsy Ads"! If your Etsy shop is bleeding sales...How can you make Etsy ads work for your shop??

So what’s the deal with Etsy and covid??

If you saw the *EXCESSIVE* amount of articles posted about Etsy “taking down” covid and coronavirus related items, you might be like WTF is going on???

Whenever Etsy changes their rules, it seems like we all just sit here confused for months until they finally tell us what’s going on.

And Etsy’s covid rules don’t seem to be any different…

etsy and covid joke: the rules are confusing!

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The many news articles covering Etsy’s response to coronavirus are claiming that “Etsy is taking down items related to covid!! Be warned Etsy sellers, you can’t take advantage like Amazon sellers can!”

But let’s do FIVE seconds of research and see if their claims about Etsy and covid are actually true…

Here’s what Etsy’s ACTUAL POLICIES say about Covid-19:

Etsy and covid: Etsy's policies

So just to be clear here, Etsy says they don’t want you to make ANY MEDICAL CLAIMS about your items.

That’s it. 

It doesn’t say that you can’t sell something specifically. In fact, specific products are not named ANYWHERE in this policy, which you can read here.

Oh, and just to drive that home, here are PAGES and PAGES of face masks that are selling out on Etsy…

And did I mention??? If you look at face mask sellers, they’ve been selling without interruption since the BEGINNING of March 2020… And even well before that!

So let’s all just put on our critical thinking hat for a sec and do some research that’s *ACTUALLY HELPFUL*…

Here’s a video where I do the Etsy and Covid research for you. ⇣

Resources from the Etsy and Covid Video:

The CDC is offering grants if you have a business that can make face masks.
You can also add face masks to your shop as long as you don’t make any false medical claims about them.
[ See Full Details Here ]

Face mask Pattern (Free high quality, CDC-approved patterns)
[ Get it Here ]

UPS and USPS intend to KEEP delivering for the foreseeable future – the CDC says risk for transmission through the mail is minimal
[ Read about UPS ]
[ Read about USPS ]

As our headlines are getting increasingly sensational and all the news has suddenly turned WAY more serious than you ever wanted it…

What does this mean for your Etsy income??

If you’re like I was, and an Etsy Shop is your primary source of income, you might be noticing a BUNCH of TERRIFYING signs:

😰 Is your traffic dropping? Maybe it started now, or maybe the crash started in mid march…

😰 Are your items feeling “luxurious” at a time when toilet paper is a rare sight?

😰 You’re worried that your online income may become your ONLY income if it isn’t already…

Obviously, you could start selling handmade face masks and hand sanitizer, as long as you don’t make any medical claims about it (or use the “coronavirus”, “covid”, and “covid-19” tags)

BUT… what if you want to sell something LESS on the nose than a face mask???

Face masks don’t make sense with LOTS of shops out there! And you don’t have to SELL OUT to make Etsy work for you right now…

You CAN find Coronavirus options for Etsy that make TOTAL sense with your existing shop…

Here are some ideas for what you can sell on Etsy during Covid
(that isn’t a face mask!)

Many of our sellers in the Tribe have come up with SUPER creative ideas that mean they’re packing orders ALL DAY long…

In fact, quite a few of Etsy sellers who are currently in the Tribe have created CHRISTMAS-LEVELS of ongoing sales.

Here are some examples:

Etsy and Covid example items to sell now

This Reusable Toilet Paper from Green and Happy Shop

Etsy and Covid example items to sell now

Downloadable Embroidery from A Curious Twist

Etsy and Covid example items to sell now

Delay the Date Cards from PerfectPrintableCo

Please note: There are affiliate links in this article. If you click one, it will not cost you anything. But, I will get a small commission if you decide to buy the item. I’m trying to keep my business alive just like you are, so any form of support (even minor things like clicking a link!) really makes a difference right now!

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