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Etsy Trend Predictions for 2020 (from Experienced Sellers!)

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When you’ve been around Etsy as long as I have, you start to develop a sixth-sense about what’s going to be the next big thing.

I consulted my crystal ball, my tarot deck, and the most trusted oracle of the late 90s.

And here are the *up and coming* Etsy Trend Predictions for 2020⇣

Etsy Trend Predictions for 2020 and 2021 - Joke image

I’ve tracked the trends and I’m placing my bets — er, I mean — I’m offering my predictions for 2020’s best-sellers so you can get ahead of the curve (and the competition)!

Instead of just telling you what’s popular on Etsy NOW, this article will review all the products that are ready to EXPLODE.

Many niches don’t have much competition yet, but they’re selling like crazy. Check out what’s predicted to be the NEXT big thing below ⇣

NOTE: This article contains some affiliate links. What TF does that mean? I make a tiny commission if you chose to buy some of the items on this page. I know that might SEEM icky, but these links allow me to keep the lights on so I can keep making FREE blog articles for you 😊 So embrace the FREE with me, and let’s do this THANG! ⇣ ⇣ ⇣

ETSY TREND: 3-D Printing

This still-small but growing industry is gaining traction all over the internet.

Science says we’re still about a decade away from 3-D printed organs (say what?!) but with a handful of companies offering 3-D printing on-demand and political circumstances stirring up changes in overseas manufacturing and imports, 3-D printing is bound to gain some serious traction in 2020 as a way to make customized trinkets and crafting supplies.

Some of the Coolest 3-D Printed Items on Etsy:

Etsy Trend Prediction - 3d Printing

These Earrings from PINPILLS

Etsy Trend Prediction - 3d Printing

These Epic Skulls Vases from 3D Print Base

Etsy Trend Prediction - 3d Printing

This Cake Topper from Creation Bay

Wanna Try 3-D Printing?

A few years ago, in order to do 3D printing, you’d have to invest THOUSANDS into your own 3D printer.

These days, you can start 3D printing for literally ZERO dollars.

Not kidding — you can get your 3D designs Printed on Demand — meaning you only PAY when someone purchases your item on Etsy!

Wanna see how it works??

Click here to learn more about 3D Printing on Demand!

TREND: Zero-Waste

Looking cute AND saving the planet? Fuck. Yes.

Pour some bubbly into that reusable water bottle and celebrate Mother Earth with super practical and super popular canvas totes, collapsible straws, and printable wrapping paper that makes it easy to reduce your waste and impact on the planet.

Some of the Coolest Zero Waste Items on Etsy:

Etsy Trend Prediction - Zero waste items

Color Changing Metal Straws from Ted and Kip

Etsy Trend Prediction - Zero waste items

Zero Waste Towels from GreenandHappyShop

Etsy Trend Prediction - Zero waste items

Reusable Utensils from DCBDesignedbyClaire

Wanna Try Zero Waste Items?

Most zero waste items are made at home in a batch.

Think things like shampoo blocks – soap, towels, etc. The key is to make sure your item does NOT impact the environment…

That means NO plastic packaging, all packing needs to be recyclable or reusable (or non-existent), and 100% earth friendly.

Zero waste customers are SAAVY, and they expect your shop to be as well!

Want to dive in a bit deeper and see what it takes to sell something simple, like reusable straws? ⇣ ⇣

Click here to start sourcing Bulk Zero Waste Straws and Supplies!

TREND: Athleisure Wear

The verdict is in — living in your yoga pants is ay-okay by 2020’s standards.

Who would have guessed that an MLM brand of leggings would pave the way for fitness fashion’s acceptance into the mainstream??!? Don’t be surprised if you overhear someone asking, “are those work pants or workout pants?” and the answer is “yes”.

Some of the Coolest Athleisure Items on Etsy:

Etsy Trend Prediction - Athleisure items

Tank Top from AmericanLifeStore

Etsy Trend Prediction - Athleisure items

Super Unique Leggings from The Jay and Bee

Etsy Trend Prediction - Athleisure items

Custom Water Bottle from Reflecting Grace

Wanna Try Athleisure Items?

Guess what??

Most current Print on Demand companies offer leggings, water bottles, tank tops, tees, AND socks that you can design for customers!

When Print on Demand is even in on the trend, you know it’s gonna be big 😊

Click here to look at Athleisure items you can sell with Print on Demand!

ETSY TREND: Convenience Culture

What will it mean for Etsy sellers when Amazon offers one-hour delivery?

From Hello Fresh to GrubHub, we’re living in a world of unprecedented convenience with no need to leave the couch. Ever. With a shift like this, it’s more important than ever to have pre-made items ready to ship and package deals that take a “one-and-done” approach.

Some of the Convenience Culture Items on Etsy:

Etsy Trend Prediction - Convenience items

This Monthly Sock Box from PeonyandMossSocks

Etsy Trend Prediction - Convenience items

Ketosis Diet Kit from JustPrimalFoods

Etsy Trend Prediction - Convenience items

Custom Candle Kit from TheLarkinCrafts

Wanna Try Convenience Culture Items?

So as it turns out, subscription boxes take LONGER to grow — but in 75% of cases, you’ll make A LOT more money over time.

If you made $400 on Etsy last month, and you’re willing to grow a SUBSCRIPTION BOX instead, you could boost that income to $3500 a month within the next 12 months.

Don’t believe me?

See the Etsy vs Subscription Box calculator here.

The CATCH?? It’s easier to sell on Etsy — growing a subscription box takes lots of advertising and traffic.

But if you’re looking for a CONSISTENT monthly paycheck, subscriptions are on the rise, and they’re a great way to go!

Try a platform like Cratejoy to test a Subscription box and see if it’s better for you!

ETSY TREND: Greens, Yellows, and ALL THE Botanical

Our obsession with mint is on its way out, and coming in hot is forrest green!

I’ve been seeing this shade EVERYWHERE and I’ve been noticing my fair share of yellows too. So, it seems only natural that patterns combining both hues like botanicals would be in full bloom.

Some of the Coolest Green, Yellow, and Botanical Items on Etsy:

Etsy Trend Prediction - Yellow Green Botanical items

This Headband Holder from The Joyful Bloom

Etsy Trend Prediction - Yellow Green Botanical items

This Art Print from ShopJoLouDesign

Etsy Trend Prediction - Yellow Green Botanical items

This Pen Holder from CreationsbyBoldChic

Wanna Try Green, Yellow, or Botanical Items on Etsy??

Guess what?? Color and trend based items are the EASIEST to make AND sell!

You can test these trends without spending a SINGLE DIME on new inventory. (talk about a good investment! No money, no risk is definitely the way to go).

Instead, just get yourself a *100% Free* Print on Demand account, and start customizing popular products like art prints, clothes, pillows, and more!

Click here to look at Trendy items you can sell with Print on Demand!

I’m seriously loving on some of these trends, so I can’t wait to hit the gym in some sporty slacks while rockin’ a 3-D printed reusable botanical water bottle complete with collapsible straw!!!

Okay, I miiight be overdoing it — but what I really can’t wait for is to see these trends selling like crazy in your shop!

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