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How to Get Mad Etsy Traffic Using ONLY Pinterest

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Like many of you, my traffic crashed CATASTROPHICALLY last year when Pinterest updated their algorithm.

↑ What happens to the universe when Pinterest updates their algorithm… ↑

Around this time, I lost SIX MONTHS of sleep between January and June, trying to figure out what the F*CK was wrong…

Meanwhile, the blog visits were dropping off a LITERAL CLIFF, Etsy was doing this weird “up and down” traffic craziness, and I was waking up every morning (circa 3am) like SHHHHIIITT.

*This is how I’m gonna lose my business* ← that was my FIRST THOUGHT when I woke up every morning (at 3am).

↑ I became the frantic maniac who was staring at Pinterest all night long…
And spelling “too” wrong.

The STRESS took on a life of its own. (in retrospect, that was just ME telling myself this was the end of the world, then freaking out accordingly. DON’T DO WHAT I DO!)

So one morning, while I was AWAKE at my usual 3:30am, checking my SAD traffic stats *for the 500th time* I realized something:

  • I had read EVERY article about Pinterest updates that I could find.
  • I had taken ALL the latest courses.
  • I was following ALL the advice at once, and it wasn’t moving the needle.

I decided that this WHOLE PROCESS was stupid, and I had nothing to lose (hey, my traffic was crashing anyway, right??)

So I just MADE UP my own Pinterest Overhaul.

Because rules are stupid.

And other people’s businesses are not MINE.

I just sat down one day, listed out EVERYTHING I needed to know…and I decided to CREATE something that made sense for MY PINTEREST.

Yes, I kept the things that really matter like “Pinterest search punishes duplicate pins on the same board” — but I got RID of the *CLUSTERFUCKERY* ↓ ↓ ↓

I mean the stuff where ONE blogger was saying “Pin 50x per day” and another claims she only pins “10x per day”.

Or the thing where some people were saying they ONLY posted their own stuff.

Or that OTHER thing where pinners were claiming “the only way to up your traffic is with video pins!”

All this *hearsay gossip BULLSHIT* was KILLING ME SOFTLY (in all the wrong ways).

And I realized something:

Different things were WORKING for different people.

So if that’s true, maybe I could make my OWN version???

Enter the Fastest Results EVER.

Making my OWN version of a Pinterest overhaul was exactly what I did.

By doing this, I was able to CUSTOMIZE my changes (because I knew what I was ALREADY doing, so I knew what I still NEEDED to try! — Screw everyone elses’ advice…they’re not the one RUNNING my Pinterest, I am!!)

And guess what?? Traffic grew by 1000 EXTRA visitors in just 3 weeks!!

The images I’m about to show you are from GOOGLE ANALYTICS. (Not sure how to set up google for your own shop? That video is HERE).

And that’s because YES — our Pinterest engagement (and numbers) have gone WAY up, here are my current Pinterest analytics just for fun ↓ ↓ ↓

BUT Pinterest analytics DON’T tell me ANYTHING about how that’s affecting the traffic I actually *CARE* about.

AKA — how many people are actually CLICKING and interacting with MY WEBSITE?

That’s what you’ll learn by looking at google analytics, and here’s how it worked for us:

According to Google, this was our Pinterest traffic in JUNE (before we started this experiment) ↓ ↓ ↓

The three numbers we care about are highlighted above. Basically, 3107 people found my website through Pinterest in JUNE.

Around the BEGINNING of July, I implemented my new “make it up as we go” Pinterest strategy (which I explain in ALL its GLORY Here).

Let’s see what happened with the NEW Pinterest strategy ↓ ↓ ↓

During the month of JULY, 4158 people found my blog through Pinterest.

That’s an increase of 1051 people in just 3 weeks.

I dunno if you’ve ever tried to send TRAFFIC to your own website, but if you have you probably know this:

Growing by 1000 people per MONTH is friggin’ difficult.

Most websites grow by 1000 viewers per YEAR. (It takes nearly that long just for google SEO to kick in. But with Pinterest, I just skipped over that ENTIRE waiting period! And you can TOO!)

What Does this Have to Do with ETSY??

For those of you thinking, “well she did this to her WEBSITE…this has nothing to do with my ETSY traffic!”

If you’re an Etsy naysayer, I’ve got news for you:

There is NO REASON you couldn’t do this EXACT same thing to your Etsy traffic.

In fact, you could probably see EVEN MORE growth with an Etsy shop.

My Pinterest cycles through about 60 different blog articles. I use the same images most of the time, and once in a while I create new versions for my most popular articles.

You can create LOTS of images for your Etsy items using Canva’s Pinterest templates. (this is an affiliate link. Click this link means I can keep giving you the latest Etsy advice for free).

Here’s my point: if you have MORE than 60 Etsy products, or 60 articles, or if you can COMBINE your Etsy items, website articles, youtube videos, etc to make MORE than 60 pieces of content…

Then you can meet or BEAT my results!

All that matters is ensuring you have the RIGHT BOARDS, and your items need to MAKE SENSE on those boards (otherwise, people will be like “why is this here??” and scroll right past it!)

Not sure if your boards are right?? You can become a Tribe Member and take part in our monthly Pinterest Hotseat Events, or watch a replay of our many Pinterest makeovers as a Tribe Member. (Just watching a replay will show you TONS of things you can do to make your Pinterest WERK, hunty!)

Can You Share Your Pinterest Strategy Now PUH-LEASE??


You can have the WHOLE thing.

In fact, I created a step-by-step FREE WEBINAR that reveals my entire strategy.

You’ll hear the EXACT instructions I give my virtual assistant each month (she takes care of my Pinterest for me!) — But don’t worry, You can follow them YOURSELF at home. 

Ready to get started? Here we go!

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