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How Many Items Should I Have in My Etsy Shop??

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How Many Items Should Your Etsy Shop Have - With Etsy shops getting bigger and bigger, when is it time to STOP?? How many items are ENOUGH for sales, and what items should you add to get MORE sales? Click to find out!

Here’s a random problem every Etsy seller eventually has: How many items are TOO many items??

What happens when your shop gets so big and BUSY that you feel lost in a sea of utter chaos?

With Etsy shops getting increasingly, um — GARGANTUAN (I saw a shop with over 3000 friggin’ items yesterday!)…

How do you know when it’s time to BREAK IT OFF and create another shop?

How Make Items Should I have in my Etsy Shop - Joke

⇡ Sorry Etsy, I need some SPACE ⇡

If you’re adding lots of items to your Etsy shop, we all know you’re doing it for ONE reason and ONE reason only.


Every shop owner eventually learns that MORE items mean MORE traffic (and usually more sales!)

But you can add FEWER items and get the SAME traffic.

*GASP* (yes, really!)

You just gotta add the RIGHT items. And you already have everything you need to learn exactly WHAT you should add when.

Yup, not kidding. 

You are a badass and you can hack the shit out of your Etsy traffic.

Wanna watch me do it so you can try it yourself?

In today’s Six Minute Makeover, one of my students wants to ORGANIZE her shop so it’s easier to run.

But she has A LOT of items…and she’s worried that taking some out will cause a MAJOR traffic dip.

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