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A Website for Your Etsy Shop is a Terrible Idea (Don’t Do It!)

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While everyone and their mother is trying to convince you that a WEBSITE is the way to go, this article will show you the dark side of running a website. Because you deserve ALL the INFO before you commit to running a website for your Etsy shop -- and trust me, it's not pretty! Click to read.

After selling successfully on Etsy for four years, there’s one thing you WON’T find in my arsenal of marketing tools.

It’s called SHOPIFY.

Yup, years ago, I had a website, and now???

I won’t go near that shit.

Wanna know why I quit shopify??

Or more importantly, why having a WEBSITE for your Etsy shop is a HORRIBLE idea??

While everyone and their mother is trying to convince you that a WEBSITE is the way to go, this article will show you the dark side of running a website. Because you deserve ALL the INFO before you commit to running a website for your Etsy shop -- and trust me, it's not pretty! Click to read.

If there’s one thing you’ll come across on every single Etsy blog, it’s this lovely little scare tactic:

“When you’re on Etsy, your business doesn’t belong to you! Don’t put all your eggs in Etsy’s basket, because if something goes wrong – your business will go with it!”

For obvious reasons, this would strike fear into the heart of ANY online seller, pretty much instantly.

(And let’s talk REAL LIFE for a minute – FEAR is a great sales tactic, and lots of bloggers use the ⇡ exact line up there ⇡ to make serious sales off you and your equally terrified fellow sellers).

Bloggers usually use this scare tactic to convince you that you need a website.

Reality check: putting all your eggs in one basket is always a risk, no matter what. Stocks, selling online, personal life – nothing lasts forever, and that’s the reality of our world.

Sucks, doesn’t it?

But here’s the thing.

(I’m about to cause a lot of controversy with this little tidbit. But it’s f*cking true and it drives me nuts that NO ONE is talking about the reality of creating a website).

Building an e-commerce website is a waste of your f*cking time right now.

Ok, ok, I may have just made you REALLY mad, but hear me out for a second:

First, I should note that the Shopify vs Etsy debate has been raging for years.

When you sign up for Etsy, there’s a built-in audience. There are 25 million + buyers on Etsy. As soon as you post your product, every single last one of those people could see it. And those people keep coming back for more (because who doesn’t love Etsy?), so if they didn’t see your product the first time around, they still have lots of chances to find it.

When you create a website, you’re standing alone in the middle of the desert. There are literally NO website platforms that send you traffic (not enough, anyways). That’s your job.

And if you don’t know how to send that traffic, you’re screwed.

Most Etsy sellers create a website and then expect to make money immediately. But real life doesn’t work like that.

REALITY CHECK: who knows that your website exists? NOT A SOUL. Literally. Zero People.

That doesn’t exactly reek of full-time income, does it?

Sure, you’ll tell your family, and you’ll post it on social media. But that traffic will run out quickly. I’m sure we’ve all seen this sad little website predicament:

Etsy Shop Website

Here we see a traffic bump on launch day, followed immediately by *crickets*.
That’s right kids, the internet is a cruel mistress. And if you think for a second she’s going to reward you for your mere existence online, you’re about to get slapped in the face with a bucket of ‘oh fuck!’

Just in case you don’t realize how FOR REAL serious I’m being right now, here’s a mad scary statistic for you:

As of 2017, Google’s search engine has only catalogued 0.003% of the websites that exist. Worldwide.

In case you need me to reverse-math for you, that means Google HAS NOT FOUND 99.997% of websites that exist.

Last time I checked, I think 99.997% means basically EVERY FREAKING WEBSITE ever.

And yet there are millions or even billions of websites in any given google search. That’s how BIG the internet is.

Translation: your website IS a NEEDLE in an (unending cosmic data) HAYSTACK.

To make it worse: Did you know that the AVERAGE number of sales on a Shopify site is about 3 PER MONTH? I reached out to a handful of other 6-figure Etsy sellers like myself, and we all averaged about the same thing. And it looks like this:

Why Your Etsy shop needs a Blog

That does not a salary make. In fact, it doesn’t even pay off the fees Shopify charges you to run your website!

(As a side note, if you are a Shopify store owner who is struggling to get consistent traffic to your store and you want to tap into Etsy’s massive customer base I would encourage you to consider selling your Shopify products on Etsy)

So STOP thinking that a website is going to make a serious difference for your business. (Because unless you’re the god of marketing, it never will). And please do not entertain the idea of moving from Etsy to Shopify completely and removing your products from the millions of users ALREADY built into Etsy.

INSTEAD, let’s talk about how you can get your eggs in some other baskets WITHOUT wasting your valuable time on a website you don’t need.

  1. Have you thought about an email list?
  2. Blogs are ALWAYS better than e-commerce sites! Find out why right here.
  3. There are other platforms besides Etsy, you know…give them some thought!

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