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What Do You Need To Know About Etsy SEO in 2019?

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Step by Step Etsy SEO for 2019 - What You Need to Know About Etsy SEO in 2019 -What the actual #%^$ is going on with Etsy SEO in 2019?? Wanna find out what you need to know and what you DEFINITELY shouldn't be doing this year? Read this article for all the latest on what you SHOULD and SHOULDN'T be doing with your Etsy shop in 2019! Click to find out more. #seo #marketingstrategy #socialmediamarketing #marketing #branding #website #etsy #etsyshop #etsyseller #girlboss #womeninbusiness #bossbabe #mompreneur

Right now, Etsy SEO in 2019 is having a big ol’ identity crisis…

And like it or not, as shop owners, we are about to be HERE. FOR. IT.

So gather ‘round as I spill the tea on WTF is happening and how to make it WORK for you.

The thing is, Etsy wants to be more like Google.

Cool. Who doesn’t? I’ll take ping pong in the quad any day.

Step by Step Etsy SEO for 2019 - What You Need to Know About Etsy SEO in 2019 -What the actual #%^$ is going on with Etsy SEO in 2019?? Wanna find out what you need to know and what you DEFINITELY shouldn't be doing this year? Read this article for all the latest on what you SHOULD and SHOULDN'T be doing with your Etsy shop in 2019! Click to find out more. #seo #marketingstrategy #socialmediamarketing #marketing #branding #website #etsy #etsyshop #etsyseller #girlboss #womeninbusiness #bossbabe #mompreneur

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But what does “be more like Google” actually MEAN?

Google has created a name for itself (to the tune of $110 billion-dollars) based on what people search for…

Which means Google gives ALL THE F*CKS when it comes to what you’re typing into the search bar, where you click, and what you ultimately purchase.

And Etsy wants IN on some of that sparkly revenue , too. They want to use BETTER search to make it happen.

But HOW can SEO do all that???

Think about it this way: when you go shopping at a store, there are people who are literally paid just to walk around all day and HELP YOU:

Etsy SEO in 2019 joke

⇡ “Anything I can help you with? Just let me know!”

Despite being occasionally annoying, these employees are CRITICAL to a store’s bottom line…

When a shopper’s first (or second or third) attempt at finding what they need doesn’t pan out…the Target ladies of the world are there to MAKE SALES HAPPEN.

AND… since those employees are helping people all the time, they’re more likely to know what a buyer might need.

Now, this might not be a surprise to you… but Etsy doesn’t have a Target Lady.

ALL that work has to be done with SEO.

So, in other words, SEO MATTERS. Big time.

Because Etsy wants customers to spend their time BUYING…

Not searching in agony for poorly named cosplay pieces and vintage whatamajiggers…

So, here’s what Etsy sellers should be doing about it:


When you’re creating a listing, try to imagine that you’re someone looking for that item.

How would you describe it? Your items need to be named something that a customer would actually search for, and that sh*t needs to be simple!

Unlike this…

Etsy SEO in 2019 bad example

⇡ I know that’s from Wish and not Etsy, but COME ON!


If customers click on your item but DON’T BUY, Etsy will take note of it and eventually categorize it as a “no thanks” for that particular search term.

Now, this takes a while — so don’t freak out. Etsy doesn’t expect you to make a sale every time someone clicks on your item!!

But if over time, (like 6-12 months) Etsy notices that everyone who searches for “minimalist art print” NEVER buys your item…you won’t rank well for that term.

On the other hand, if Etsy notices that people who search for “line drawing print” DO buy your item — you will rise through the search ranks and become queen of your category #yasss!

So being accurate (and not giving your listings click-bait names just for the sake of more traffic) really, really matters!

Don’t be a #BasicBitch — “art print” isn’t likely to get you a lot of sales. But MORE SPECIFIC tags probably will!

Which brings me to this little tidbit…


Long tail keywords are totally a thing now. And the more specific you can get, the better.

So, instead of calling your item a “mug”, you’ll want to call it a “funny cat coffee mug”. A “mug” doesn’t give your customers any clues about what makes YOUR item so special:

Etsy SEO in 2019 mug example

⇡ An adorable kitty AND an inappropriate pun? Irresistible!

Because Etsy is all about you being real AF right now.

Etsy’s getting pretty sick of all the ways that sellers are gaming their system — so they’ve decided that they are taking back their ball, going home, AND TELLING MOM!

It might seem tempting to use a tag that doesn’t totally fit your item… But that’s gonna backfire on you. Every. Time.

They wanna make sure buyers get what they’re looking for fast, so the more HONEST and CUSTOMER-FRIENDLY your listings are, the better you’ll do.

Here’s how you can make that happen:

❶ Use CLEAR, concise titles and tags that say EXACTLY what your item is and who would want it. What color is it? What materials were used? Is it for men, women, hockey fans, dog moms? Put that shit on blast!

❷ Use all the attributes, occasions, and identifiers you can. One more time for the people in the back: the clearer, the better! Is it perfect for the holidays? Does it make a great bridesmaid thank you? TELL. THEM!!

❸ Do everything you can to give buyers what they WANT. (Free shipping, anyone?) If it matters to customers, then it really matters to Etsy. And when you get on board with that, they’re more likely to show your items to customers.

Want to make this even easier on yourself?

I get that.

A lot of sellers freak out when they first learn about Etsy’s SEO sitch.

It’s confusing. It’s weird AF. And it’s one of those things that some people talk about just to sound smart and important — ew!

But it’s something that every Etsy seller has to embrace because random titles or tags can seriously sabotage an otherwise amazing shop.

And these missteps can be the difference between zero sales or making thousands each month. Literally.

So, what should you do about that?


Seriously, don’t leave this critical piece up to chance.

How you decide to research your tags is entirely up to you. You can spend all day comparing your shop to more successful sellers…

OR you could get a tool that does all the work for you!

Marmalead (⇠ affiliate link) is the best SEO tool specifically for Etsy sellers. It can take the guesswork out of your SEO game and even help you come up with tags that are PROVEN to increase sales.

We already DIY enough on Etsy…SO why not let the pros take over on this one?

I LOVE it. My Tribe members SWEAR by it. And honestly, it’s pretty easy to see why:

Etsy SEO in 2019 Results and Testimonial
Etsy SEO in 2019 Results and Testimonial
Etsy SEO in 2019 Results and Testimonial
Etsy SEO in 2019 Results and Testimonial
Etsy SEO in 2019 Results and Testimonial

See how these sellers got kick ass results [ Right Here ]

But you must have patience, grasshopper…

Because there’s NO such thing as instant gratification when it comes to SEO.

And if, for a second there, you kinda thought there was — then you’re living in a fantasy world, babe.


It always has and it always will.

There are little Etsy robots that work behind the scenes to make SEO happen…

And they need around 30 days JUST to discover all those SEO tweaks you made!

After that, you’ll need to factor in another 30 days to see if those changes made ANY difference (and another 30 days if you want to determine whether or not it’s a MEANINGFUL difference!!)

Translation: Stop changing things all the f*cking time!

Think of building traffic like building a home — you don’t just go from foundation to *POOF*… instant house.

You have to stack it, frame it, bring in some power tools, and go to Home Depot about 50 gazillion times.

Etsy SEO is the same.

That house comes together a little bit more day after day, and gets closer to being done every month — but if you just expect the whole thing to be ready in one weekend, you’ll be HELLA disappointed when you move in:

Etsy SEO in 2019 joke

⇡ Remember those half-assed hotels they slapped together for the 2014
Olympics in Russia?
Yeah, don’t be like them!!

Okay, but Etsy changed something, shouldn’t I change something too?


Sometimes Etsy will roll out a site-wide change and it will take SIX MONTHS OR MORE to implement across the board. Let it happen.

You can make better-informed changes later.

Your shop won’t fall apart overnight if you don’t update anything, I promise.

But your shop COULD burn to the f*ckin’ ground if you change everything all at once!

Remember what I said about it taking a couple months to actually see results?

Well, here’s why that happens:

It takes around 30 days for Esy to lock and load your terms, and make sure they’re working — and every time that happens, your item is basically going to the bottom of the pile.

Do that with all of your items and you’ll end up in the Etsy Bermuda Triangle!

If you want to stay on the last page of Etsy forever, please, keep right on changing your tags and titles every month.

OR… Try a better tactic.

Test your SEO carefully and never touch what’s already working in your shop.

I’m gonna REPEAT THAT SHIT because it was HELLA important:

➡️ Test your SEO carefully and never touch what’s already working in your shop. ⬅️

Find those items that have a lot of potential (but no traffic!), do a little research or use an SEO tool to help you change those listings little by little… Then chill the f*ck out.

Remember — Etsy is like a slow-ass zombie that’s gonna take anywhere from 30 days to 6 months to catch you.

You CAN outrun a zombie that takes 30+ days to find you. So be DELIBERATE.

Remember, just like success itself, this SEO stuff takes time!

Having a clear goal for your items and the know-how to get there is the start — but having support along the way can get you there faster.

I’m letting a few more *CREATIVE GENUISES* into my Tribe soon, so if you wanna boost your Etsy shop big time this year…Get on the Wait List Here!

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