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Turn Your Etsy Favorites into Sales

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Turn Your Etsy Favorites into Sales - If everybody who FAVORITED your items on Etsy actually bought, how would your life be different? I’m pretty sure you’d be sitting under a palm tree drinking something alcoholic out of a coconut right now. Wanna turn your Etsy favorites into sales? Click here to learn how. #etsy #etsyshop #etsyseller #diy #tutorial #doityourself #craft #crafts #creative #crafty

If everybody who FAVORITED your items on Etsy actually bought, how would your life be different?

I’m pretty sure you’d be sitting under a palm tree drinking something bright and moderately alcoholic out of a coconut right now.

Turn your Etsy Favorites into SalesHell yes, Etsy #WIN!

And we’d all be rich af, your problems wouldn’t exist anymore, pigs would fly, and unicorns would be a real thing.

So, here’s a big hairy ball of gross REALITY… Literally NO ONE turns ALL of their favorites into sales.

Short of me going on a rant about conversion rate, buyer retention, and shopper psychology, and what it really means when someone favorites your item on etsy, just say this: the world doesn’t work that way.

Don’t expect to make everyone buy from you, because that’s never going to happen.

BUT can you turn MORE of your favorites into sales?

Ah, NOW we’re getting somewhere!

You can always find ways to make MORE people buy from you.

And for today’s ⏰ Six Minute Makeover ⏰, our Subscriber Tribe Member is having this exact problem.

It’s literally RAINING favorites in her shop. So where the hell are all her sales???

Why do people favorite the crap out of her stuff but her bank account is empty?

Let’s do some digging and find out exactly how she can fix this issue…and who knows, maybe I’ll even show you how to turn YOUR favorites into sales!

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This video has TIPS! Here’s what you need to make ’em happen:

Figure out what buyers REALLY want on Etsy. What makes them buy? Why do some shops do better than others? Learn what to do when someone favorites your item on etsy and how to get more sales on etsy. Learn how to test your shop here.

Choosing a VARIETY of mockups* (affiliate link) that clearly show the customer what they’re getting: that first image is IMPORTANT! It’s the sole determiner of whether someone clicks on your item or not. And if they don’t click, they can’t buy! So try mockups that clearly illustrate what your selling. If you have the problem of etsy favorites but no sales, mockups could be your problem.

Want to test your images to make sure they’re working? Whatify gives you the tools to figure out exactly which image is making the SALE!

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