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Don’t Waste Time on Facebook Ads for your Etsy Shop

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Do you know what I’ve noticed?

Every single email that pops into my inbox is DRIPPING with someone bragging about their results lately.

When I watch the BRAG-fest that’s been occurring recently, I can’t help but roll my eyes a bit.

Last time I checked, life just plain isn’t that perfect. (I don’t care what your blog newsletter says.)

When was the last time something ACTUALLY went exactly how you expected…Then thousands of dollars just went *poof* and landed in your inbox?

Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE hearing about a launch or product idea that went really well. I eat that shit up.

But when someone ONLY talks about what’s going well, I get suspicious real fast.

It starts to feel a bit like they’re floating around in Narnia, and they want me to come drink the Koolaid.

Facebook Ads for your Etsy Shop

I don’t need none of your Koolaid.

There’s NO industry MORE guilty of this than people who sell Facebook ads.

Because apparently, every single person who’s EVER used Facebook ads is now a **MILLIONAIRE** (eye roll) and they made all that money OVERNIGHT while sleeping soundly.

Yeah, that feels REAL ACCURATE.

Facebook Ads for your Etsy Shop

I’ve been doing this online business thing for a hot minute, and I KNOW that nothing goes perfectly. EVER. For ANY reason.

And I had a pretty hard time believing that EVERYONE who tried Facebook ads was a wild success. Where are the things that DIDN’T work? What about the first promotion you created that BOMBED? Why doesn’t anyone talk about THAT?

A miserable failure is just as interesting as the time you made 50 gazillion dollars posting pictures of your dog on Instagram.

In fact, I think failures tell you a hell of a lot MORE than success.

And just to prove that I have NOT been drinking the brag-about-everything Koolaid… I’m gonna lay out some of my most devastating, oh-shit-my-business-is-burning failures for you RIGHT NOW.

You know what doesn’t fucking work??

Facebook Ads.

I started by spending $2000 on a course (by a HUGELY famous self-proclaimed Facebook millionaire) so I could teach myself to be a hardcore Facebook Guru.

I spent WEEKS perfecting my Facebook ad copy and images…testing them for optimal conversions, and making sure that I was seeing regular, predictable patterns of clicks.

And after power editors, cost-per-click, conversion rates and about 50 columns of crap I learned every detail about (for no reason at all whatsoever)…I felt like a bona-fide Facebook EXPERT.

So, I threw some money at my ads.

I spend about $900/month on Facebook ads for SIX months.

I tweaked, I looked at my ads every day, I made sure that mine performed exactly like the example in the course.

And you know what happened?

I couldn’t make that shit STICK. I was getting lots of traffic, but for every 10,000 people who visited my site, do you know how many BOUGHT?

100? Nope.

10? Not even.

TRY 1.5 people.

How Facebook managed to make half a person buy from me, I do not know. I chalk that up to the mystery that is Facebook’s power editor.

The small handful of people who bought from my Facebook ad were the MOST F*CKING EXPENSIVE customers I have paid for in the history of EVER.

On average, they cost me $200 each. Considering my product was $97, I’d call that a FAIL OF EPIC PROPORTIONS.

Not to mention — these weren’t very HIGH QUALITY customers. They messaged me constantly on Facebook to ask INANE questions that had literally NOTHING to do with my products.

When you add up the extra time I spent trying to deal with these people, I lost WAY more than $100 per sale.

Alright, so my Facebook fail was unquestionably awful.

I decided not to touch Facebook with a 10-foot pole.

Now let’s look at WHY I tried that shit in the first place:

I did it because everybody said it worked.

And honestly…it was just widely accepted as “right”. No matter who I talked to, they all dropped the words “Facebook ads” into a sentence at some point.

But it didn’t work for me.

Which made me wonder: if everyone on the f*cking PLANET says something works for them…Why is it not working for me???

  • Is my business broken?
  • Am I doing it wrong?
  • Does the universe enjoy playing cruel tricks on me for shits and giggles?


Is the advice just WRONG?

It was around this time that I learned something VERY SPECIFIC about my failures.

I ALWAYS fail when I think I “HAVE” to do something.

(Or, if you want the subtext: I always fail when I follow the sheep).

So I STOPPED using Facebook Ads. And I stopped listening to the “your business needs this to succeed” advice.

And you know what? My blog made more than ever in 2017…and I didn’t use a SINGLE Facebook ad.

What other Business Fails did I have last year?

Let’s look at another example of how following the “sheep” doesn’t work.

I used to send out regular sales emails about my products.

These sales emails were an EPIC pain-in-the-ass to write…not to mention, it feels SPAMMY AF to send that shit out. But I sent them out like clockwork, every single month.

Why did I do this, even though I hated it?

Because everybody else did it.

It was widely accepted as the ONLY way to make sales online.

Right…so send your subscribers a heaping pile of shit each month and cross your fingers that they’re desperate enough to buy??

Um, can you say FUCK THAT???

I always hated this bullshit, but I kept doing it…until one day, it occurred to me that I could just STOP.

So, instead of sending my readers “buy-this-product”-coated emails with product filling, I decided to start sending out REAL emails where I talk about what WORKS and what DOESN’T.

Aren’t you glad you’re not reading a giant block of spammy bullshit right now?

I’m sure as hell glad I didn’t have to write one for you.

But this is just another example of why “everybody does it” is NOT a good reason to do shit.

(And honestly, how many of you have said to your kids, “would you jump off a bridge if your friends did it?” – For some reason we have legit clarity when it comes to GIVING this advice…But it’s hard to TAKE our own advice).

So, this year I’m gonna continue doing what works for me by NOT following the sheep.

I’m only doing things in my biz that feel RIGHT. If I wanna try something, then that’s what I’ll do. Even if everyone says it’s a stupid idea.

How do you feel about my current state of biz Anarchy? Wanna join me?

Facebook Ads for your Etsy Shop

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