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Why you need a pro for your Etsy product photos

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I did something last week that is going to change my shop forever. It wasn’t as expensive as I expected it to be, and I can’t believe I waited this long to do it.

Are you constantly taking photos you're not sure of, or are you spending all your time on photography? Learn how to affordably get professional product photos!

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Why Hire a Pro For Your Etsy Product Photos?

Last Friday, I booked in with my local “content creators” over at Photolink in Manchester.

I spent the day working with a pro photographer and brand stylist to shoot my entire product line. And the results were freaking amazing.

Fuzzy and Birch hen do tattoo
Fuzzy and Birch Funny Mug
Fuzzy and Birch funny pillow

Most Etsy sellers take their own Etsy product photos, and I don’t blame them. When I first got started, I was adding so many different types of products that it was unrealistic to use a pro. At the time, it was wiser to allocate extra funds to product dev and other projects.

But now that my shop is a bit more established, I’m planning ahead for the next year instead of the next month.

Truth be told, I didn’t come up with the idea to hire a pro photographer myself. My second favorite handmade market, Not on the High Street, started rejecting my homegrown photos last month.

As sad as I was that my (once perfectly fine) photos were suddenly not good enough, I realized that I was due for a change. NOTHS wasn’t trying to be cruel. They are pushing my shop to be the best it can be. They want me to succeed. After all, they make money when I make money. Plus I’m thinking NOTHS might know a *bit more* about e-commerce than I do…considering they’ve been wildly successful at it for over 10 years.

And were they ever right.

I’m not a great photographer, but I can keep myself above water. Then I thought to myself: do I really want Etsy product photos that are just “good enough”?

Nothing I ever do is just “good enough”. I do things until I’m extra fucking happy with them. Otherwise I honestly don’t sleep. Ever.

In my case, there’s really no excuse. Because I already knew that images are BY FAR the most important part of an online shop.

That’s not to say you don’t need the other things to stay successful. But without good images, your shop will always struggle. You’ll always be working 20x harder to make a sale. And it will be a waste of time because images are the EASIEST thing to fix.

I was wasting 1-2 days per week with Etsy product photos. There was shooting, editing, making sure they all look cohesive. It was a huge time sink. Then I had to shoot even more for instagram, pinterest, etc.

When NOTHS rejected photos I’d spent DAYS on, it suddenly became crystal clear that I was wasting my time. I had better things to do than take pictures for no reason.

When you look up and realize your time is being wasted on utter pointlessness…

Outsource that shit.

Find the perfect photographer

If you’re anywhere in the UK or Europe, I’d highly recommend Photolink. They treated me and my products like royalty, and the results I got were so amazing I didn’t even know they were possible.

Fuzzy and Birch Hangry Definition Tote
fuzzy and birch gold flash tattoo
Fuzzy and Birch funny mug

They have studios throughout the UK and you can always ship them your products if you don’t live nearby.

For those of you overseas, I found photolink by googling “etsy product photographers” and “lifestyle product photographers”. Seriously. Simplest tip I’ll give you all week.

I was hunting for a specific look. I found quite a few portfolios that were good, but not great. This is your business, so make sure you’re super excited about your photographer.

And as always – if spending the money stresses you out, it might not be right.

But then again, you could be preventing your own success. When you classify your shop as ‘not ready for a pro photographer’, you’re putting a cap on your own success. If you want to take your shop to the next level, you need to behave like a successful shop owner would.

Going to a pro was the best money I’ve spent all year. Now to decide what to do with all this extra time I have on my hands!

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