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Grow Your Etsy Customer Email List With These Stupid Simple Tactics

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Do you hate your mailing list? Do you wonder how the hell other shops manage to grow a list when you have four piddly subscribers?

The general consensus is that an email list will somehow make you a millionaire overnight (it won’t). But the truth is that it’s just another part of business that most people avoid until the last possible second.

SO…let’s get down to business and fix your shit. Today I want to show you a little trick I invented (yes, I’m brilliant like that) to grow my email list like a maniac.

Do you hate trying to build your Etsy customer email list? Do you wonder how the hell other shops manage to grow a list when you have four piddly subscribers? Learn my tricks!

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How To Grow Your Etsy Customer Email List

Alright. You’ve got an Etsy shop. Etsy won’t let you collect emails because life’s a bitch. So how do you build a list without emailing everyone that ever bought from you (moderately illegal) and asking them to subscribe (annoying)?

About a month ago my buddy Rachel from PaperBerryPress was chatting with me on skype. She was telling me how she has a link to her Etsy customer email list on all her product pages, but she STILL doesn’t get any subscribers. We were mutually bitching about our sad little lists when it hit me:


I don’t know about you, but customers contact me all the time about the exact crap that’s written all over my listings a hundred times.

But you know what they DO look at?


Online culture has become absolutely dominated by visuals. Take a look around social media: what used to be a feed full of written updates (*coughcough* MySpace) is almost entirely video and pictures these days.

So what the hell does this have to do with your Esty customer email list?

THIS ↓ ↓ ↓

grow your shop's email list

I added a “join the mailing list for 10% off” image to all my listings. It’s the final image, and much to my surprise, it converts like a beast. I expected people to subscribe, get their coupon, and unsubscribe, but I actually saw some pretty decent results:

grow your shop's mailing list

Not earth shattering…BUT when you consider doing (basically nothing) at this rate will add 425 SUBSCRIBERS PER YEAR…well that’s a whole new ball game.

Seriously, all I did was add an image to my Etsy listings. I’d say this method has pretty good return for like no effort at all.

Did you notice? In the graphic up there ↑ ↑ ↑, not only did my subscribers increase, but my open rates and clicks did too. What does that mean? These new subscribers are ENGAGED. They wanted to sign up. They’re making my Etsy customer email list incrementally more awesome with their mere presence.

I definitely didn’t expect that.

So how the hell do you steal my method and use it for yourself? Start by downloading your free mailing list image (like the one below – but without the watermarks) for your shop:


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Then just follow these simple steps:

  • Get an Email List

    If you haven’t already, go to MailerLite* and sign up for a FREE account. (*Affiliate link — don’t worry, I only make money if you pay for a premium account).

  • Create a List

    Use your new email program to create a list (this is where all your new subscribers will wind up).

  • Create a Form

    Create an email sign-up form. MailerLite makes beautiful landing pages for you — no website needed!

  • Testing, 1...2...3...

    Test your form. Make sure everything’s working.

  • Add Your New Image

    Go to Etsy. Add your mailing list image as the last photo on all your listings.

  • Link to Your Form

    Add a link to your email sign-up LINK on each of your product pages. (I used bitly for this).

  • Make a Coupon Code

    Create a coupon code just for subscribers, and automate your email list to send it to them as soon as they subscribe.

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