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Why You Need to Raise Your Etsy Prices

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Are your Etsy Prices too low? Is there a nagging voice in the back of your head saying, “my time is worth MORE than this”. Then it's definitely time for you to raise your Etsy prices! Click to find out if you need a price hike. #femaleentrepreneur #makersgonnamake #momboss #marketingstrategy #etsy #etsyshop #etsyseller

As we enter this New Year and everyone and their dog is talking about possibility — I’m going to talk to you about failure.

Because failure isn’t necessarily bad.

Sure, it’s the WORST…

It’s painful.
It sucks.
It makes you want to scream into a mailbox.

But it’s not necessarily BAD.

Are your Etsy Prices too low? Is there a nagging voice in the back of your head saying, “my time is worth MORE than this”. Then it's definitely time for you to raise your Etsy prices! Click to find out if you need a price hike. #femaleentrepreneur #makersgonnamake #momboss #marketingstrategy #etsy #etsyshop #etsyseller

And I know that shit for SURE, because I’ve failed A LOT.

  • I’ve created products that don’t sell. (Ever).
  • I’ve spent three months on blog projects that never made a dime.
  • I’ve made decisions that cost me serious money and led to week-long buy-everything-on-amazon binges.

[ Wanna see all my failures collected in one place? Check ‘em out here. ]

But my most RECENT failure???

Not charging what I’m ACTUALLY WORTH.

You might be guilty of this too – there’s always this nagging voice in the back of your head saying, “my time is worth MORE than this”.

How can you know FOR SURE if you’re not charging enough??

Do you ever RESENT your customers for what they ask you to do?

Do you ever get a convo that makes you go, “DAMMIT, I have to do this for free because I want a good review.”

Or “Grrr…I don’t want to lose this customer, but I HAVE to do what she wants because she’s paying me.”

Etsy to Blog - Etsy seller problems^^ THAT SHIT is how you know you’re NOT charging enough. ^^

If your customers are GIVING you a reason to RESENT them, that’s a clear sign that deep down, you KNOW you’re not charging enough for your work.

Signs You Need to Charge More

I had a moment like this about six months ago. I was charging a whopping $9 for my monthly membership program. I KNEW that wasn’t enough.

One quick look around the Internet will RAPIDLY reveal that Etsy success programs cost AT LEAST $997 (for an all-in one program. Expect to pay $200-397 for one-off courses on specific topics).

I was nervous – the idea of raising my prices was SCARY AF.

What if no one buys from me?
What if I lose all my current customers?
What if I just watch my bank account drain slowly while I cry in the shower???

These are some terrifying possibilities – and we both know you’re not raising YOUR prices for those exact same reasons.

Initially I bumped the price up to $17/month…that was JUST enough to make me feel better, but not so much that it would scare everybody off.

The sales kept coming.

PHEW…I thought…ok, this is all gonna be fine.

FOUR MONTHS after I raised the price to $17, I got an angry email.

“Your monthly program used to be $9. I demand that you let me in for $9, because that’s what you used to charge”.


I love it when people try to bully me in my own business.

(She got a prompt “You don’t belong in this program” email. Don’t let people push you around. This is your business, and YOU can choose who you want to work with).

When I got this email, I realized something. While my $17/month price tag was attracting Etsy sellers at the beginning of their online journey (these are the exact people I want to help – the people who can’t always afford to invest in their business)…

My low price tag ALSO meant that I was attracting some seriously SHITTY people.

  • People who wanted me to work FOR them for FREE.
  • People who didn’t want to do the work AT ALL.
  • And not to mention the WORST of that bunch…People who were ripping off other sellers to make a quick buck.

And that was NOT OK with me.

So, I decided to kick my subscription into over drive, create the BEST possible program I could, and bump the price up to what it’s ACTUALLY WORTH.

While you may feel like the new price tag of $97/month is high, let me ask you this:

✔ How many business owners can say they only have to spend $100 per  month to BOOST their business consistently?

✔ How many business owners know exactly what steps they need each day to grow, without fail?

✔ And how many biz owners are creating a shop that makes MORE money every month…instead of one that’s totally unpredictable?

Forget the fact that $97/month is actually a minuscule amount to spend on something that could pay you a full-time salary for the rest of your life

Let’s talk about the kind of customers I’ll get for $97/month.

Instead of spending my time helping EVERYBODY (and constantly repeating myself to the people who just complain in Facebook groups), I’m spending my time with the BEST of the best…

We’re talking about HIGH PERFORMERS, who are seriously motivated.

These are future TOP Etsy sellers, bloggers, and creative innovators.

(Does this sound like you? Are you the cream of the crop? Apply to join the Subscriber Tribe).

Wouldn’t YOU rather work with people who appreciate your work, and respect all the effort you put into your business?

This is why I decided it was time to raise my prices. BIG TIME.

Sometimes, when we try to make EVERYONE happy, we just wind up making ourselves miserable.

You Need to Raise Your Etsy Prices

Remove the shitty “I want this for free” convos from your life…it’s time to STOP compromising your work for a couple extra dollars.

Why not try RAISING your prices…it’s time people appreciate your work for what it’s really WORTH!

You can always go back to the way things were before. BUUUTTT…What if you tried higher prices for three months…

And found out that people will STILL pay for your work when it’s more expensive??? How would that change your world?

Tell me about how you plan to raise YOUR prices in my free Facebook group. (I’ll read ‘em all! Can’t wait to watch you boost your biz this year!)

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