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Why I Curse on My Blog: And How It Got Me the Best Readers Ever

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When I first started my Etsy seller blog about seven months ago, I used to send articles to my 69 year-old father. He pretty much loves the internet and everything about it (I know, crazy!!). So I’d send him all my free tutorials (like the Ultimate Guide to Etsy, here) and he’d send me feedback.

Initially, I cursed on my blog. Like a sailor. Messy hair, didn’t care…I was the 100% uncensored version of myself because hey, this is my blog, right??

Initially, I cursed on my Etsy seller blog. Like a sailor. Messy hair, didn’t care…I was the 100% uncensored version of myself because hey, this is my blog, right?

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Well my Dad wasn’t having it. He said it was unprofessional, abrupt, and it was a major turn off for him.

So I stopped.

I went through and revised every &$!% article I’d written.

And do you know what happened?


First, I hated myself because it suddenly became IMPOSSIBLE to write a blog article. I couldn’t add my signature sense of humor, and I couldn’t pile on the sarcasm. And it just felt forced and fake when I did.


About a week after I changed everything, my Dad was teaching a class (he’s a University Professor). When his projection screen first loaded, he had my Etsy shop open on his desktop. My shop is full of items covered in curse words, so he freaked out and tried to change his screen quickly.

But to his surprise, his entire class got a huge kick out of the professor who was looking at the “Fuckity Fuck” mug on Etsy. They went nuts! They thought he was suddenly cool and started treating him differently.

He called me that day and said, “Uh, Jenni…so I think maybe you know your audience better than I do. Because kids your age really relate to all this cursing you do”.

My response to that was…you guessed it: a curse word.


My subscriber count dropped. Fewer and fewer people were subscribing to my email list or sticking around on my Etsy seller blog. At the time, I was so new to blogging that I didn’t understand why. But in hindsight, the people who liked to read my blog were there for a REASON. And a big part of that reason was my distinct way of expressing myself.

So what happened?

I decided to bring the cursing back. And I decided to be myself.

Because let’s be real: I want to be my 100% unfiltered self with you. I don’t believe in “fake it to make it”, and as a human being, I’m a bit rough around the edges. I don’t hide that from my readers.

I know some people won’t like it. But here’s the thing:

I see literally HUNDREDS of Etsy shops every single day. Do I like all of them? Nope, sure don’t. But I don’t judge you or what you do. It’s my job to help you MAKE IT WORK.

It’s NOT my job to judge you or tell you what you’re doing isn’t for me. It’s my job to see the beauty in EVERY shop, EVERY seller, and learn to appreciate all the work you put in, because it makes you a truly amazing person. (With a pretty damn cool biz).

The simple truth is this: there is an audience out there for EVERY Etsy shop. And in the same vein, there’s an audience out there for every blogger. I’m not for everyone, and I don’t try to be.

So all I ask is that you give me room to be me. Because I will always give you room to be you!

When I curse, I’m not cursing AT people. I am NEVER hateful with cursing. That’s not my style. I use colorful language for emphasis and humor.

The sort of people who like that are my kind of people.

And I talk to my readers like we’re having cocktails together. Because I would totally have cocktails with ALL my readers. (Seriously, I’m always up for a cocktail).

Because my readers are awesome people who don’t take life too seriously.

(I can tell by the hilarious emails & comments they send me).

And if you’ve read this far, you’re probably pretty damn awesome too.

So let’s all lighten up a bit, be ourselves, and let go of the stereotypes that dictate what “professional” is.

Curse if you want to. Unsubscribe if cursing bothers you.

BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY: Be yourself, even if people give you crap for it.

I built a 6-figure business on my love of sarcasm and cursing. And I don’t care if people hate it.

Don’t listen to haters. You’re better as YOU. On Etsy, on your blog, and in life.

Embrace your awesome quirks and let your freak flag f*cking fly.



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