Alright. Raise your hand if you have no freakin’ clue what SEO is or how to use it. Raise your other hand if you’re sick of everyone telling you it’s SOOOOO important and you’re doing it wrong (even though they don’t actually tell you how to fix it??)

Find Etsy Tags that Sell - Alright. Raise your hand if you have no freakin’ clue what SEO is or how to use it. Today we're going to to find the perfect Etsy tags for your shop!

Guess what? I used to be an SEO consultant for a fortune 500 company. Guess what else? I quit that job to sit here and talk to you instead.

So here’s the Scoop

SEO = Search Engine Optimization. It’s the thing that makes your shit pop up on the first page of google (or Etsy, or Amazon, or wherever).

Why do you want to pop up on the first page?

Let’s talk about the last time you searched for something on Google. Do you just scroll through pages and pages of crap, thinking, ‘Oh, I need to see every single solitary option before I click one!’

HELL NO you don’t. Who has time for that shit?

Definitely not you. And neither do your customers.

That’s why MOST people will click something they see on the first page. Whether it’s google, Etsy, Amazon, anywhere. If you can get your product on the first page, sales will almost always follow.

How do I get on the First Page?

You get on the first page of search with something called “keywords”. These are just terms or short phrases that describe your product or offering.

Etsy keywords are called “tags” and there’s a little spot for them at the end of each listing:

Etsy Tags

These babies are the lifeblood of Etsy search. Here’s why: Etsy isn’t smart. It’s just a computer algorithm. It knows how to do one thing and one thing only:

Take some words a customer typed into search, and match them with products
that use the same words.

Etsy adds in some other bits (because life’s a bitch). Things like how frequently that item was purchased, how new it is, or what country the seller is in, but that’s pretty much the gist.

So your Etsy tags are about this important:

This is important

Time to Pick the Best Tags that Ever Existed

Hey guess what? There’s a tool that will actually pick your Etsy tags for you. Because who has time to think up 13 words that may or may not change the fate of your shop?

Too much pressure if you ask me.

Not to mention, pretty unpredictable. This tool actually analyzes all the existing Etsy items out there just like yours, and it then proceeds to tell you exactly what tags SELL CONSISTENTLY.

Want Proof? I used it for my Wedding Shop, after which I made my first sale in 4 days. Compare that to my Home Décor shop which took 30 days to make a sale.

Let’s take a look at how it works in the video right here:


So it’s called Marmalead* and it’s pretty much my favorite thing ever. Here’s what it can do:

  • Help you choose all 13 tags for your listings based on what SELLS and what customers SEARCH for
  • Show you major Etsy TRENDS so you know exactly what products to make next
  • Help you price your products right in the sweet spot so customers will buy over and over

Give it a shot, then go forth and be way more awesome than you were 5 seconds ago.

(Link has a * next to it? That’s an affiliate or referral link, you can claim a free trial of this item if you click the link. Full disclosure: I get a small commission, but only if you decide to spend money on this item. Wanna know more? Click here to open my Affiliate Policy in a new tab).


Want the worksheet from the video? Grab it below!

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