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10k in One Month: How I Brought Home 5 Figures on Etsy this Month

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YOU GUYS. I can’t believe I’m about to write this article right now.

The only way to describe it is an out-of-body experience. I’m constantly reading articles about how other people make a small fortune. But I never thought in a million years that I’d get to write one.

I sat down to think about how I managed to kick ass at all things this month  (so I can tell you how to make money on Etsy yourself!), and a few things stuck out.

I sat down to think about how I managed to kick ass at all things this month, (so I can tell you how to do it yourself!) and a few things stuck out. Learn how to make money on Etsy!

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Wondering How To Make Money On Etsy?  Here’s What I’m Doing:

The most important thing that allowed me to pull off $10,000 in one month on Etsy is this…

Oh crap I forgot to tell you: I made five figures in a month where I only worked three weeks out of the month.

I took a week off in the middle of this month because I realized that I had no idea where I was or what was going on. I honestly haven’t been more than 5 feet away from my computer since last June. I decided I was long overdue for a week of nothing.

So I needed three weeks to pull off this feat, which makes it feel stupid with two o’s.

10k in one month

Ok, back to reality.

The first thing that made all the difference for me to make money on Etsy (and the thing that I can’t say enough about) is this:

I got professional photos taken.

Last month I decided I was long overdue to take my shop to the next level. And I knew a pro photographer would make a difference.

But I never, IN MY WILDEST DREAMS thought that it would Matter. This. Much.

I’m not sure what I thought would happen, but it wasn’t this.

Not only have I seen a huge influx of sales and traffic, but I’ve also seen major growth on social media. Specifically Instagram. In fact, if you’re not on Instagram stop reading this article right now and go create an account.

I’ll wait.

It’s that important.

Alright I have to tell you a secret: I’m not completely telling the truth because I didn’t make all five figures on Etsy. My other storefronts did their fair share of hustling too.

The five figures that I made this month were divided up between two Etsy shops and two shops on different marketplaces. (Which you can read about here).

So it was a total of four different shops that brought in 5 figures in about 21 days.

Multiple storefronts is an absolute must for online sellers of any kind. What you’ll find is that one shop will fill in the gaps for another.

It usually happens because the storefronts attract different types of buyers. So for example, my Amazon buyers go nuts over the weekend, but Etsy tends to be a bit quieter on Sunday. You’ll start to find patterns in your shops depending on what items you sell and who your target audience is.

Ok. Random side note complete. Let’s get back to the important bits.

Recently, I created what I call my ‘Kickass Mini Strategy’ for rounding up more traffic and exposure each month. It consists of FOUR parts.

I usually do one of these things each month. BUT this month, I randomly decided I didn’t have time to agonize over which one to do, so I just did them all.

I believe my exact words were “screw this.”

Ok: First order of business –

(1) I paid $1 a day for Etsy promoted listings. That’s not something I normally do, but I was doing an experiment this month. I didn’t want to spend very much money which is why I chose to do $1/day. The whole point of my experiment was to see if I could use Etsy ads to expand my reach. I didn’t really care if anyone bought anything. I wanted to make more people fans of the shop in general.

I get about four or five clicks a day off that $1/day. For cost per click, that’s not fabulous, but…a lot of people see those listings. That’s all I really cared about.

Here’s why:

People have to see your item over and over (and over again) before they buy.

How often do you just walk into a shop and purchase something immediately?

I think I’ve done it maybe once or twice. And the thing about it was: both times I’d seen the item before. I just saw it so many times, I suddenly decided I had to have it.

Impulse buying is rare, and you can’t rely on it.

So that’s why I went with the ads. While it only contributed a minuscule amount of money to the pot this month, it was a part of a larger strategy. And that strategy is: show my items to people until they start to think about them.

The other thing I did this month was (2) pay for promoted pins. I noticed an influx of traffic from pinterest last month. So I decided to take advantage. Why not find my customers where they’re already at? It was pretty simple and awesome (and I’ll record a video about how I did it later this week so you can do it too!).

(3) Use Marmalead and Etsy on Sale to turn your shop into an SEO monster. Marmalead actually has a worksheet showing you exactly how to do this here. But here’s the gist: find your most popular Etsy search terms. Add them to a handful of your items. The way Etsy works is this: it LOVES new items. So if you create an item, after about 1-3 days it will start to get pushed further and further back in search results. So you need to use Etsy on Sale to renew it every 1-3 days. There’s a short video about it here.

(4) The other thing that I did was blog like crazy.

So for those of you who don’t have a blog, the reason I started one is because my friends and family are sick of listening to me talk about my shop. They haven’t told me this explicitly, but it’s obvious.

If your husband might suffocate you in your sleep if you say “Etsy” one more time…it may be time to try a blog…

I figured my time would be better spent talking to (well, you, hopefully!).

The second reason I started the blog was to get the shop more exposure. But after I started writing, I quickly realized that I didn’t care so much about traffic.

I really enjoyed writing to other sellers and talking about how I found success. It’s really mindful to reflect on what’s causing you to flourish. It’s also useful as hell, because once you figure it out, you can repeat it again and again.

So the blog is not driving a ton of traffic to my shop, but it has brought a level of exposure to me and my brand that I’ve never had before. Now that I’ve added a blog, I get found through guest posts, podcasts, and social media.

If you haven’t tried blogging, just do it. I regret that I waited so long to start. If you don’t know what to write, here’s what other Etsy sellers are blogging about:

  • Crafts, DIY, and Household Projects
  • Organization
  • Parties
  • Fashion, Weddings
  • Graphic Design
  • Interior Design
  • Marketing
  • Photography

Here are my two favorite Etsy bloggers, Kara Benz and Lisa Jacobs.

Blogging gives me purpose because it feels like I’m talking to myself a year ago. I needed so much guidance then, and I couldn’t find it. But then, you’re smarter than me because you found this blog 😉

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