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How I escaped the job from hell by building an online business

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About a year ago I was firmly planted in a horrible job. I mean really awful.

The kind of job where your boss yells at you for taking a day off to attend a funeral. I spent a year working away at this place, trying my hardest to do a bunch of stuff I didn’t care about.

Meanwhile my boss just kept on saying one thing and meaning another. She constantly told me she wanted to hear my opinion but criticized me endlessly when I actually gave it. And I was trapped, because at the end of the day, we all have bills to pay.

I am incredibly thankful for every lousy moment of that job.

I am thankful because it made me realize that I was being complacent. I was letting someone else determine my future…someone I didn’t like was guiding my career in the exact direction that suited her best. It occurred to me that my job trajectory had nothing to do with me and everything to do with what they wanted out of me.

Sound familiar?

Sometimes, giving up is not only an option, but it’s the best option. During that year in my horrendous job, I decided that I was sick of putting my future in the hands of my employers. Instead, I was going to spend my free time (all of it, if I had to) learning to free myself from a cycle of dead-end jobs I didn’t care about.

In that year, after endless hours of research, I decided to launch an Etsy shop.

At first, things were slow. I expected my shop to make some money on the side. My plan was to take that side-hustle and buy myself a few employment-free months to find a better job.

But I never made it that far.

About 4 months in, I made a few strategic moves in an attempt to grow my business.

And by month 5 I was meeting or beating my corporate salary every single day.

Of course, the temptation was to *DROP MIKE*, walk away…but I didn’t. Not yet. I stayed in that miserable job another 4 months.

I was just waiting, quietly. Making sure my business could stand on its own.

Christmas was around the corner. I was nervous. My boss hadn’t let me take more than 4 days off in the last year. I’d saved all my days anticipating a Christmas rush. And when I finally requested my time off, she promptly turned me down.

It was officially time to leave.

When I finally quit, they had to hire three people to replace me. And these three people made three times the salary they’d been paying me. At that moment I knew for sure: I did the right thing.

Maybe you’re in the same situation I was, or maybe you’re just ready to work from home. No matter what, it’s time for you to be paid what you’re actually worth. It’s time for you to do something you actually care about and live your life on your terms.

Ultimately, I took my bad experience and I turned it into the opportunity of a lifetime. I took control of my income, and better than that, I can make money while I’m sleeping. I don’t have to go into an office, EVER. I work from home every day. I don’t have to report to anyone (or ask for time off–if I need it, I just take it!). And if you want to change your life and start creating your own online business, I want to help you do it too!

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