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Affiliate Policy

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The Fuzzy and Birch Affiliate Policy (and Program!)

Look, here’s the scoop: Affiliate shit is confusing. A lot of bloggers use affiliate links and it’s not entirely clear how they work, what they do, or whether you’re inadvertently signing your life away when you click one.

I’m gonna try and explain EXACTLY what I do on my blog, so you’ll always understand what happens when you click.

What Are Affiliate Links?

Affiliate links are normal looking links that I post on my blog to a paid product or service. I try my best to post links that give you a free trial of whatever I’m recommending, because I don’t really think it’s good business practice to buy something without trying it.

In some cases, it’s not always possible to get a free trial (like for example, if I’m recommending photography equipment on Amazon, obviously you can’t try that out). So in that case you’ll click a link and it will lead you directly to a product page.

Where Are Affiliate Links?

Since affiliate links look exactly like normal links, I ALWAYS tell you that something is an affiliate link. You’ll see a note either right next to, or directly underneath a link. Here’s an example:

(Link has a * next to it? That’s an affiliate or referral link, you can claim a free trial of this item if you click the link. Full disclosure: I get a small commission).

You can gawk at some affiliate links running around in the wild right here.

What Do Affiliate Links Do?

These links make me a small percentage of what you spend on the clicked product or service. It does not cost you anything extra. In fact, affiliate links almost always give you a better deal than what everyone else pays.

But here’s the kicker: if you click a referral link and just use the FREE version, I never make a commission, and you can use your item for free as long as the provider will let you.

(For example, this is an affiliate link to Marmalead. They have a paid and free version of their product. If you use the free version, clicking on that link makes no difference at all, and I’ll never make a percentage, because you never paid any money).

That means I only make money if you actually LIKE and USE the product I’m recommending. Which means there’s added incentive to make sure I’m suggesting the BEST possible products that are, you know, ACTUALLY friggin’ useful!

Why Do You Only Promote Some Things?

In many cases, there are multiple tools you can use to get shit accomplished. We often discuss the merits and shortfall of different tools in my free Facebook Group. But here’s what you need to know: I recommend something because I tried it, and I got RESULTS.

In every case, when you see an affiliate link, you’ll also see a full explanation of what I use it for, how I use it, and what it did for my business.

Basically, I don’t whore my blog out to every company that decides to email me with a random affiliate offer. That’s why you don’t see me review every tool on the planet.

I get tons of requests to promote products. And I always say no. Because I only promote things I actually USE myself.

And really LIKE.

As in, “I-made-$15k-with-this-product-in-3-months ” kind of like. (FYI, that article is here).

In many cases, especially in the Subscriber Tribe, I’ll show you exactly how to use a product. This way, you can see how to get the same (or better) results than I did… Well BEFORE I ever provide an affiliate link.

Why Use Affiliate Links?

Because it costs over $700/month to keep a blog like this running. And as lucky as I am to blog for a living, I do not have the ability to pray my bills away.

This is why I use MULTIPLE streams of income. Affiliate links are one of those streams.

(Have you considered multiple streams of income for your business? If not, it’s time to get it in your head that ALL successful online businesses have at least TWO streams of income. I have five right now. If you want to dip your toe in, you can learn more about joining my affiliate program below ⇣).

How Many Affiliate Links are on This Blog?

Honestly, not very many. 80% of my articles are completely free of affiliate links. If I can show you how to do something yourself, or for free, that’s obviously worth writing about. Thus, the basis of this blog!

If you’re not sure, just look for a disclaimer near the link. If you don’t see one, that’s because it’s NOT an affiliate link 😊

Can I Be An Affiliate for this Blog?

Yes, you can. I recruit affiliates for my Subscriber Tribe program.

Here’s how it works: you link to the Tribe on your blog (using a special link I provide), and when someone buys a Subscriber Tribe membership, you make a percentage of the sale.

So for example, let’s say a membership costs $17/month.

You send someone to my website, using the special link I gave you, and they buy a membership.

You then make $5. Every month that they stay in the Tribe, you make another $5. Obviously if you do this a hundred or so times, you can start making pretty good *extra* money, with very little effort.

But here’s the deal: Affiliate links perform best when you publish a full-on review of a product, or provide some kind of evidence that an item WORKED for you.

Which is why you need to APPLY to become an affiliate. I want you to be able to provide an unbiased, REAL review of the product.

I regularly review applications for outside affiliates. You can apply right here.